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#34 Logan Cohen on What it Takes to Build & Launch a Successful Mobile App for Gen Z

Beyond Influential

Release Date: 06/20/2018

Logan Cohen is the CEO & Co-founder of Kudzoo, the app that pays students for their grades. It’s a free mobile application that rewards students with deals, giveaways, scholarship opportunities, concert tickets, and once in a lifetime experiences based on students’ grades and achievements.

Logan is a TEDx speaker, was named to Forbes 30 under 30 in Education, CIO's Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, among other designations.

I genuinely enjoyed this conversation. Logan and I talk about all aspects of the app building process from ideation to getting it to market to where it is now that she’s a few years in. I loved how honest and transparent she was around everything - from mistakes she’s made to what she wishes she did differently, and even how ed tech wasn’t a passion for her until after she started the company. She’s a lifelong learner and I just really love Logan’s style -  so please enjoy my conversation with Logan Cohen.

We talk:

  • A to Z App Building: Ideation to Creation (and after!)
  • How she found her passion
  • Pitching & Fundraising - how to raise money for an idea
  • Pitfalls of being a non-technical founder
  • Personal branding to build a business
  • Resources & books that have helped Logan on her journey (& more!)


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