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#292 - Jim Lee

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 06/23/2018

#448 - Durrick Walker show art #448 - Durrick Walker

The Grimerica Show

Durrick Walker - an old friend Calgary joins us to chat about his healing from cancer last year and during the beginning of the lockdowns . We chat about his head injuries, figuring out who you are, the last minute trip to the USA to attend Center for Advanced Medicine. We also chat about different healing methods, synchronicities, that timely voice in your head, the trauma all around and then we get into Covid and the craziness around that

#447 - Caroline Cory show art #447 - Caroline Cory

The Grimerica Show

Caroline Cory joins us for an amazing chat about her recent movie "Superhuman - The Invisible Made Visible”. We chat about all the scientists and experiments they did in this movie, making thoughts visible, resonance and DNA changes, and connecting to source.

#446 - Industrial Society and Its Future show art #446 - Industrial Society and Its Future

The Grimerica Show

This is an audio reading of “Industrial Society and It’s Future”. This was written by Ted Kaczynski in the early 90’s and was published in 1995.

#445 - Damien Echols show art #445 - Damien Echols

The Grimerica Show

Damien Echols joins us to chat about High Magick and his latest book Angels, and Arch-Angles - A Magician’s Guide.

#444 - Union of the Unwanted #8 show art #444 - Union of the Unwanted #8

The Grimerica Show

Massive swap cast featuring the 911 big hitters this week. We chat about the upcoming timely documentary “7” by Dylan Avery and 1091. Richard Gage is here from AE911Truth, and we debate the awakening of the masses at this time. 

#443- Brian Festa show art #443- Brian Festa

The Grimerica Show

Brian Festa of CT Freedom Alliance joins us to talk about the upcoming Vaccine Safety Marathon and We The Patriots USA. We chat about lawsuits in Connecticut against mandatory vaccination and the genesis of CT Freedom Alliance

#442 - Dr. Roxanne Carfora & Scott Emmens show art #442 - Dr. Roxanne Carfora & Scott Emmens

The Grimerica Show

Dr. Roxanne Carfora and Scott Emmens join us to talk about health and wellness during COVID. Dr. Roxanne has been treating patients for decades, building their immune system naturally and has now been treating patients for COVID. Scott is the co-founder of the MD Logic Supplements. 

#441 - Paul Wheaton show art #441 - Paul Wheaton

The Grimerica Show

Paul Wheaton joins us to chat about Permaculture, his book, and his new projects like devious experiments for a truly passive greenhouse. We chat about mass rocket heaters, leaving the city and building on and off the grid, nature being a cure for disease, and retiring to a sweet spot.

#440 - Union of The Unwanted 8/17/20 show art #440 - Union of The Unwanted 8/17/20

The Grimerica Show

Like a massive Swapcast, though this one is a doozie. Joined by some big hitters from the Pandemic, Vaccine and Human Trafficking debate as well as the usual voices

#439 - BONUS - Was The PCR Test Meant to Detect a Virus? show art #439 - BONUS - Was The PCR Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

The Grimerica Show

This is an audio reading of the article “Was the Covid-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus” written for uncover DC by award-winning journalist Celia Farber.

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Interview Starts 33:00
Jim Lee joins us for an amazing chat and presentation on the history of weather modification and geo engineering the planet and our skies. We chat about the decades worth of evidence, government secret projects like Popeye, LAC, Nile Blue and DEW.  Rainmaking, Cloud Seeding, weather control, steering storms, pluvaculture, and green washing are also addresses. We speculate on the reasons for this, the global warming hoax, owning the weather, terraforming, and JP8 jet fuel additives.
Jim is working on an important weather modification act called ENMODAA (Environmental Modification Accountability Act of 2018) 
If you have a chance, watch this video on youtube as Jim does an great job and taking us through the many documents and presentations he has on his web site. This is not woo woo conspiracy, Jim makes sure he stays within the boundaries of proof and evidence. 
In the intro Graham reads some weather mod patent names, shares a couple listener synchro, and talks about a couple of articles on scientific advancements in blocking sun and detecting airborne chemicals. Darren shares some social media feedback.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCgtI2iFp2k  Our youtube video with Jim Lee.
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