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Jon Carlo - Bridging Emotions, Writing, and Saying No

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 06/25/2018

Today’s guest is Jon Carlo @iamjoncarlo on instagram. He is a working actor, scriptwriter, and producer in the film Industry. He recently wrote the film First We Take Brooklyn starring Harvey Keitel and he is on his way to shoot his second feature in New York City this summer. We have nice chat on the uniqueness of the film business as well as what it looks like when Jon Carlo is writing like a maniac. If you hear some creepy chewing here and there in this episode, sorry about that. Jon and I were snacking on some Trader Joe organic Cherries. And now, please enjoy the show with my guest Jon Carlo.
Show Notes:
[1:15] Interview begins
[5:30] The beginnings of Jon Carlo’s  
[7:15] Jon Carlos’s latest feature film; he is shooting it in New York City
[11:00] Mentor’s in the film business 
[14:15] Jon’s advice for new actors coming to Los Angeles
[18:00] Acting classes and finding your zone
[21:00] Jon’s experiences with writing scripts - The War of Art The War Of Art
[26:00] How it looks when Jon writes and how he gets creative
[30:00] As an Actor; putting up walls and taking them down
[36:00] Staying creative
[40:00] Doing something else when you get overwhelmed and what overwhelmed
[45:30] Jon's resources; the podcast "The Treatment”, the book The Hero's Journey Tony's writing go to book, Making a Good Script Great 
[49:30] “Jon gave it a shot” on his gravestone
[50:00] Jon's film First We Take Brooklyn is available online
[51:30] Jon’s last words