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Ep 136: Recruiting Automation

The Recruiting Future Podcast Covering Innovation in HR and Recruitment

Release Date: 07/06/2018

One of the most prominent topics I hear being debated at the moment, both among my clients and at the events I'm attending, is recruiting automation. But what is recruiting automation? What are the benefits and just how far down the road of automation have employers got?

To help me answer these questions, my guest this week is Tim Pröhm, Global Practice Strategy Lead at KellyOCG. As well as Tim having hands-on experience in this area, KellyOCG has recently published some extensive research on digital disruption and automation in recruiting.

In the interview we discuss:

• The common recruiting challenges Tim is seeing in the market

• What is recruiting automation, what is possible and what is the uptake like?

• What advantages are companies at the vanguard of recruiting automation getting?

• The capability gap

• The danger of being burnt by bad or oversold technology

• Why companies need to take a more holistic view of talent

Tim also shares his thoughts on the future of the industry and tells us what developments he is most excited about

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