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VIEUX Part II - Lil Bucky's Lament

The Quest Company

Release Date: 07/09/2018

Zoinks! Looks like there's a new vampire in town!

Hope they aren't a pain in the NECK!!

That would really SUCK!!!

There’s just too much at STAKE!!!!

In this episode...

Vegan Gumbo. LMFAO. Party Foul.

GM: Joseph Leitess / Rodolphe Baptiste: Jonah M. Jackson / Kurt Semen: Andrew Johnson


Joe Cash: "Spanky's House of Spanks (Vieux Theme)"

Tabletopaudio.com - "Lively Cafe" "Noir Procedural" "Weirder Things 2"

The Crypts - "One Eyed Ghost"

US Army Blues - "Main Stem"

Komiku - "Time Attack Research"

Kevin Macleod - "Sabre Dance"

Juanitos - "Bailando Boogaloo"

Additional sound design:

Jackie4ever, Flick3r, JD Agenet, ISpeakWaves