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#37 Jared Polin aka Fro Knows Photo on YouTube Growth, The Secrets to Success Online & Raw Talk on Making Photography a Business

Beyond Influential

Release Date: 07/11/2018

Jared Polin aka Fro Knows Photo is a multi-hyphenate: photographer, YouTuber, influencer, personality, and content creator. Jared is probably best known for his FroKnowsPhoto YouTube channel, where he consistently posts content related to photography & the photography business, including equipment reviews, tips, and his opinions & critiques to his 820,000+ subscriber base. 

Jared's channel's steady growth is a testament to what happens when you combine self awareness with a unique perspective and pairing that with consistent quality content. Whether he would say it about himself of not, he's a true student of his craft and a genuinely curious guy who actually bothers to find the answers.
Jared is not afraid to share his honest and strong thoughts and feelings on pretty much anything, but especially topics related to brand building, photography, or content online. I appreciate anyone who has a stance that can back it up with a history of work and evidence- so this was a fun episode for me. 
We cover:
  • How he got high profile photography gigs like shooting for the Philadelphia Flyers & Rolling Stone Magazine
  • YouTube growth "tactics"
  • The "secrets" to success online
  • Raw and real talk about the business of photography
  • Building a personal brand online - from his content process to email lists and more!


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