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Episode 80: Pro Level MacBook Pros

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Release Date: 07/17/2018

Episode 187: Goodbye LG show art Episode 187: Goodbye LG

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Microsoft: 1:58 - New HoloLens contract with US Military - Cortana is now dead on mobile   Apple: 10:12 - WWDC announced for June 7-11 - Find My now supports third party devices - Breath control patent   General Tech: 16:31 - Intel is still struggling with its marketing - AMD isn't perfect   Google: 20:59 - I/O announced for May 18-20 - Pixel 5a 5G is happening - Whitechapel chip could come to Pixel 6 - YouTube TV now has your Google Play Movies collection   General Tech: 32:49 - LG will no longer make phones - Samsung has created a version of its OneUI for iOS:...

Episode 186: OnePlus 9 show art Episode 186: OnePlus 9

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  OnePlus: 1:06 - OnePlus 9 Pro - OnePlus 9 - OnePlus Watch   General Tech: 27:29 - Intel is doing things   Gaming: 40:30 - Xbox Network - Microsoft in talks to buy Discord - New indie games coming to Xbox - New Xbox controllers - Nintendo and Niantic are working on a new game - Steam Link app available on the Mac App Store           Contact: Social:  

Episode 185: Doom on Crabs show art Episode 185: Doom on Crabs

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Google: 2:52 - Google restructures Play Store fees   General Tech: 8:17 - LG Rollable phone gets Bluetooth certification - A new Nook Android tablet   Apple: 18:23 - iMac Pro is gone - iPad Pro rumors - Intel vs Apple   General Tech: 30:42 - Facebook is developing a version of Instagram for kids...   Gaming: 31:49 - EA Play on Game Pass for PC - Indie Game Showcase - GeForce now price increase - Sony has purchased the Evo fighting game tournament series - Super Nintendo World is open in Japan - Fontemon - Doom on crabs           Contact: ...

Episode 184: Asus ROG Phone 5 show art Episode 184: Asus ROG Phone 5

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Google: 3:37 - Kids Profile coming to Google TV   General Tech: 6:22 - PSA for T-Mobile users. Go to opt out. - ROG Phone 5   Apple: 34:59 - Original HomePod being discontinued   Microsoft: 38:42 - Legacy Edge is no longer being supported   Gaming: 40:11 - Full Edge is being tested on Xbox - New features for Xbox - Microsoft has acquired Bethesda - Rumors say that Uncharted 5 may be happening - More Doom mods           Contact: Social:  

Episode 183: Microsoft Ignite show art Episode 183: Microsoft Ignite

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Apple: 3:03 - iMac Pro is going away - More rumors - AirTags code rumors   General Tech: 15:17 - Leaked Epyc CPU - Samsung AR glasses leak   Google: 22:18 - Pixel Feature Drop   Wyze Doorbell Review: 29:09   Microsoft: 39:08 - Exploit found on Exchange servers - Ignite 2021   Gaming: 46:52 - Microsoft may or may not have acquired ZeniMax - PlayStation Store will stop selling shows and movies           Contact: Social:  

Episode 182: Android 12 and BlizzCon show art Episode 182: Android 12 and BlizzCon

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Google: 1:14 - Android 12 Beta is here - YouTube TV new add-on package   General Tech: 16:52 - LastPass is changing it's price structure   Apple: 21:00 - M1 Macs now have a virus   Cool Tech: 24:27 - The Perseverance Rover is on Mars   Gaming: 28:19 - BlizzCon 2021 - Microsoft announces a new wireless headset - FPS Boost for Xbox           Contact: Social:  

Episode 181: Android 12 Leaks show art Episode 181: Android 12 Leaks

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Microsoft: 1:58 - Surface Duo gets a price cut - Legacy Edge is being removed from Windows 10   Google: 9:45 - Android 12 leaks - Pixel exclusive Photos features coming to more users - 30 Video editing features coming to Photos   Apple: 21:57 - Hyundai not in talks with Apple anymore - iOS 14.5 features   Gaming: 25:55 - 100 more games coming to Stadia this year - Microsoft having a gaming event February 23-24 - Blizzcon 2021 February 19-20 - Forza 4 coming to Steam on March 9 - New feature for new Xbox controller           Contact: Social: ...

Episode 180: More Apple Rumors show art Episode 180: More Apple Rumors

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Google: 1:27 - Google Fit is adding heart rate and respiratory rate monitoring to Pixel phones. - Android Automotive coming to Ford vehicles starting in 2023   General Tech: 12:36 - Jeff Bezos moves from CEO to Executive Chair at Amazon   Apple: 16:55 - iCloud Keychain extension coming to Chrome for Windows - Apple Car rumors - Apple designed VR Headset - A return to the 2015 MacBook?   General Tech: 36:16 - Intel is trying...?   Gaming: 45:02 - THQ Nordic has bought Gearbox - Google has killed it's in-house game development studio - Madden is now on Stadia - Fifa...

Episode 179: Samsung Galaxy S21 and CES 2021 show art Episode 179: Samsung Galaxy S21 and CES 2021

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Samsung Unpacked: 1:48 - Galaxy S21 Ultra - Galaxy S21 Plus - Galaxy S21 - Galaxy Buds Pro - SmartTags   Landen CES 2021: 36:08 - Lots of Chromebooks - New Moto G phones - New TCL 20 phones - TCL announces TV's coming with Google TV - LG bringing a rollable phone to market this year   Wes CES 2021: 44:41 - Razer Project Hazel - Otterbox Xbox accessories   Apple: 50:56 - New rumors - AirPods Max updates   Caleb CES 2021: 56:58 - Intel and AMD announced new processors  - Intel CEO has stepped down   General Tech: 1:00:43 - The future is coming   Gaming:...

Episode 178: 2021 Wishlist show art Episode 178: 2021 Wishlist

Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

  Landen Wishlist: 2:03   Wes Wishlist: 25:35   Caleb Wishlist: 59:50   Google: 1:34:10 - Landen got a Chromecast with Google TV - Apple TV coming to Chromecast with Google TV - Google and Qualcomm announce 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates.   General Tech: 1:42:18 - MediaTek overtakes the lead for chips in phones sold in Q3 2020           Contact: Social:  

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- Teams is now available to everyone for free.

- Whiteboard app coming to iOS and the web.



- Android Messages for web.

- Android P Developer Preview 4 now available.

- Measure ARCore app now in the Play Store.

- Google Pay is getting some great new features.

- Google Clips is getting a time lapse feature.

- Google Podcasts app now in the Play Store.


General Tech:

- IGTV is now a thing.



- iOS 12 Precise Location.

- All the new audio hardware from Apple not coming until 2019.

- Samsung vs. Apple is finally over!

- New iPhone lineup to come in more colors.

- iPhone 3G and the App Store are now 10 years old.

- Rumors suggest no new iPhone SE.

- New MacBook Pros!


General Tech:

- Comcast is trying to outbid Disney for Fox.



- Alto's Odyssey pre-registration is now in the Play Store.

- Minecraft Update Aquatic. Also now on Switch.

- Google is working on a game streaming service. May be buying a game studio.

- Vermentide 2 now on Xbox.

- Rocket League is now on Xbox Game Pass.

- Indie Game Spotlight of the week: Overload from Revival Productions.

- Cyberpunk 2077

- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

- OMDO, Doom Mod.



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