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Episode 15 - The cookie crumbles

The Sugar Baby Confessionals

Release Date: 07/23/2018

“He doesn’t love me, he doesn’t want me, he doesn’t need me…”

Two and a half years after starting our conversations, and one year since we last recorded, Ruby takes stock of the effect of the sugar baby experience on her life. There are tears and laughter in this final episode, as we hear Ruby bare ALL. 
This climactic finale has Ruby breaking down, as she reveals the difficult choices she made in the name of love…have she and FP broken up? Is The Brit still a fixture in her life?

Find out in the final episode of The Sugar Baby Confessionals. 

Music in this episode:

Laish -https://laishmusic.com

Kristen McClement - https://kristinmcclement.bandcamp.com

Mock Deer (Ricky Damiani) – From his ep ‘How We Used To Live’ https://mockdeer.bandcamp.com

Laura Frances – ‘Safe from me’ https://laurafrances.bandcamp.com/releasesor https://soundcloud.com/laura_frances(Fun fact: Sara-Mae duets on this demo track)

Scarlet Starlings - https://scarletstarlings.com– look out for their new album in 2019


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