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#298 - Tom Campbell

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 07/28/2018

#524 - Joseph Disomma show art #524 - Joseph Disomma

The Grimerica Show

Joseph Disomma joins us to chat about hi co-authored book “Dematerialized - The Mysterious Disappearance of Marcia Moore”. We have a great chat about the story of Marcia and why she is not as well known as one would think during this time of focus on the occult. 

#523 - Jim Gale show art #523 - Jim Gale

The Grimerica Show

Jim Gale of FoodForest Abundance joins us to chat about solutions and growing food forests of our own. We chat about the design, the implementation and the benefits of growing food instead of lawns for example. We get into Govern Mente - mind control and during this time more people are waking up - its The Great Awakening. Having Faith and Courage to do what is needed to make these small changes.

#522 - Brothers of the Serpent show art #522 - Brothers of the Serpent

The Grimerica Show

Russ and Kyle of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast join us for a great chat about their recent trip to Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX.  Ben’s tours are focused on looking at the evidence for advanced antediluvian civilizations. We chat about their expectations and what they thought overall. Special permissions are required on many of these spots and we chat about their preferred ones.

#521 - Kimberly Meredith show art #521 - Kimberly Meredith

The Grimerica Show

Kimberly Meredith joins us to chat about her journey to becoming a Medical Intuitive working with scientists to try and measure her abilities. She is a Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. After two Near Death Experiences (NDEs) she was awakened to this innate healing gift.

#520 - Dr. Shirley Cheechoo show art #520 - Dr. Shirley Cheechoo

The Grimerica Show

Dr. Shirley Cheechoo C.M, Residential School Warrior joins us to chat about the 20th anniversary of the Weengushk Film Institute. We chat about how the Film institute has helped the indigenous community learn many skills, empowering young people, and how important the arts are for communicating issues in our culture. 

#519 - Brandon Powell show art #519 - Brandon Powell

The Grimerica Show

Brandon Powell, the modern day shaman and Wim Hoff breathing instructor joins us for a great chat about his work teaching people to breath and cold water immersion. We chat about the upcoming event in Feb - Magic on the Mountain, as part of Contact at the Cabin. We chat about resonance, the importance of the Vagus nerve, Mantras, endogenous DMT, upgrading the autonomic nervous system, and kundalini.

#518 - Dimitri Maraitis show art #518 - Dimitri Maraitis

The Grimerica Show

Dimitri Moraitis, co-author of "Heaven and your Spiritual Evolution - A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife and Reaching Your Highest Potential". We have a great chat about his co-author Barbara Y. Martin, and the creation of this great book. We talk about the levels of the Astral Plane, Reaching Heaven, Spiritual Evolution, obsession with death in ancient cultures, training in the astral realm, interest in the ethereal in ancient times and the mystery schools, and how our souls can be active as we sleep.

#517 - Ashley Rindsberg show art #517 - Ashley Rindsberg

The Grimerica Show

Ashley Rindsberg joins us to chat about his book “The Gray Lady Winked - How the New York Times’s Misreporting, Distortions, and Fabrications Radically Alter History.” 

#516 - Dr. David MacDonald show art #516 - Dr. David MacDonald

The Grimerica Show

Dr. David MacDonald, Professor joins us to chat about his book “The Sleeping Giant Awakens”, the TRC, racism, government problems and the Conciliation that needs to take place.

#515 - Dr. Bob Dickson show art #515 - Dr. Bob Dickson

The Grimerica Show

Dr. Bob Dickson joins us to chat about the upcoming plebiscite on Calgary and surrounding area drinking water. It’s hard to believe its coming to this again and we have to defend ourselves from this neurotoxin.

More Episodes

Interview Starts 38:05

Tom Campbell, Physicist joins us for a fascinating chat about his new ventures into researching quantum mechanics and consciousness. Tom’s trilogy of My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) books - Awakening, Discovery and Inner Workings have made quite an impact over the years in consciousness research. Tom started his journey with Bob Monroe at the Monroe Institute, and through many OBE’s, decades of science, research into simulation and consciousness has ultimately led to Love and Compassion.  

We chat about free will, video game analogies, self work, the decline of materialism, OBE’s, fear, belief, healing, dealing with the devil, and much more. 


In the intro they play a listeners wedding proposal and Billy chimes in to talk about his new podcast, A Walk Through the Mind. They also talk about some listener feedback, Graham’s latest CE-5 Camping Trip.

See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the intro and the episode:


http://www.grimerica.ca/episodes/ep292/  Jim Lee, History of Weather Mod


www.matrixwissen.de  Fireside chats by Oliver


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