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Ep. 31: The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: From eubiosis to dysbiosis and back: useful biomarkers for clinical treatment with Miguel Mateas

The Straight from a Scientist Podcast

Release Date: 08/05/2018

Today, back by popular demand is Miguel Mateas, a Clinical Nutritional Neuroscientist who studies how the microbiota affects the brain.  Diversity and abundance in gut microbiota leads to a healthy and balanced system, called eubiosis.  But when that balance is lost, the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients suffers, which is called dysbiosis. 

We discuss his new review article, which covers markers of gut health which can be used to develop personalized treatment for microbiome and neurological issues, as dysbiosis in the gut can increase the risk of mental disorders.  Listen in to learn about practical strategies to fix dysbiosis, sex and the microbiome, and how clinicians study something as complicated as the microbiota.

About Miguel

Miguel is a doctoral researcher in clinical nutrition practice with wide-angle, first-hand experience of the research process.  Having completed a lab-based Masters in Clinical Neuroscience focusing on brain ageing, he now works on the design and implementation of human clinical trials on the effect of fermented foods on mood and cognition as leading investigator at the “Bowels and Brains™️” project at the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC).  Miguel has been delivering quality individualized nutrition care to his patients since 2009, translating complex science findings into meaningful recommendations that can be used by people like you to improve health and well-being, particularly those with health issues affecting gut, brain, or the communication between both systems.  Miguel’s background includes 15+ years in senior consulting and training roles in life sciences and medical publishing, having trained clinicians and scientists around the world.  He is a super approachable and creative guy who likes to have fun and thinks that science should be exciting and not boring.

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Learn more

Read Miguel’s review paper on microbiome assessment tools to learn more about the microbiota gut brain axis and dietary choices that promote and sustain healthy growth of bacterial populations. 

Read a breakdown and summary of the article here.

Learn more about his new project on the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic website.

Listen to our first episode with Miguel on how food affects the brain.


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