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DC TV Report for week ending 09/01/2018

The DC TV Report

Release Date: 09/02/2018

Ed and Sara bid farewell to Preacher with an assist from their first-ever guest: Bill Sweeney from Preacher vs. Preacher and the Wicked Theory podcast! Join the trio as they discuss the Preacher finale, a cat-tastic Batman: TAS retro pick, and the ins and outs of savings bonds. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about.

Preacher finale recap — 9:49

News updates:

The Arrowverse — 42:40

The Flash – 43:29

Black Lightning — 49:14

Lucifer — 54:20

Titans – 57:16

Doom Patrol – 59:59

Swamp Thing — 1:05:09

Stargirl – 1:07:09

Batman: TAS recapnext week’s retro pick — 1:13:13

As always, Ed and Sara (and Bill!) close with the winner of the week: 1:28:50

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