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Ep 145: Understanding Unconscious Bias

The Recruiting Future Podcast Covering Innovation in HR and Recruitment

Release Date: 09/07/2018

There are many challenges that recruiters face on a day to day basis and perhaps the biggest of all of these is recognising and dealing with unconscious bias. Not just their own unconscious bias but also all the bias that exists throughout their organisations.

So how should we recognise, understand and deal with unconscious bias? My guest this week is Howard Ross who is the founder of management consultancy Cook Ross as well as being an author and recognised thought leader on identifying and addressing unconscious bias.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why the human brain is naturally biased

• Examples of unconscious bias and its effect on organisations

• What organisations can do to recognise and deal with unconscious bias

• The role of technology

• Which companies are doing a great job dealing with unconscious bis

Howard also talks about his new book and share his thoughts on the growing level of polarisation of thinking the world is experiencing.

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