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Ep 147: The Evolution Of Assessment

The Recruiting Future Podcast Covering Innovation in HR and Recruitment

Release Date: 09/22/2018

I was looking back through the past episodes of the show recently, and I realised that very few of them had been dedicated to the critical evolution of methods and technology in assessment.

To help me put this right my guest this week is Bas Van De Haterd. Bas is an independent consultant and self-declared professional snoop. He has spent the last couple of years doing a deep dive into emerging assessment technologies and has some fantastic insights to share.

In the interview we discuss:

• How a real-life selection problem prompted his research

• The limited predictive value of the CV

• The difference in the speed of evolution and the rate of adoption of assessment technology

• Why traditional assessment methodologies are not scientifically valid

• The four categories of assessment tools

• Examples of companies who have abandoned CVs for a more up to date approach

• Advice to employers on choosing and implementing new methods of assessment

Bas also gives us his view on the future and explains why integration will be crucial.

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