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Lindsay White - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Dusty Futon

Release Date: 10/05/2018

Lindsay White has experienced many tough lessons in life.  Rather than let them get her down, she turned towards music and activity.  A proficient basketball player turned boxer that ends up scaring Tyler and she makes beautiful music with her instruments.  She seems to do everything...except spinning plates!  

This Bakersfield native came to us via Reverbnation and even though Tyler started early with the dick jokes, Lindsay never missed a beat and showed him who was boss of this episode.  Make sure to check her out on Reverbnation and at her website.  You can track her performances there as well, and she's a busy girl!

We play three songs from her album "Lights Out" and you can find them during the podcast at the following times:

11:28 - "Surrogate" 
25:30 - "My Beast"
41:25 - "Rubber Band Gun"

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