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Bonus Episode: Live from Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival 2018

Givens Foundation | Black Market Reads

Release Date: 10/22/2018

On this bonus episode, we're sharing a series of interviews we recorded live from the 2018 Twin Cities Book Festival at the Minnesota State Fair grounds. Interviews with:

Archie Givens (The Givens Foundation), Mary Taris (Publisher, Strive Publishing), Donna Gingery (author), LaBelle Nambangi (author), Amber James (author), Lehman Riley (author), Jasmine Brett Stringer (author), A. Raphael Johnson (author), Eric Lorberer (Editor, Rain Taxi), Tiffany D. Jackson (author), Maasia Si-Asar, Rekhet Si-Asar (Publisher, In Black Ink), and Ricardo Peters (author)