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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Release Date: 10/28/2018

I do have the jams here on the Good Underground Radio Show. And the first track is proof. I love this Track by 171 called simply "The Jam".

If you like this, head on over to CDBaby.com and pick up the rest of the Groove.

Next up, Safety Orange with "No Control". Another fine track by another Indie Artist who you can support. Head on over to their website for Tour Information and how you can become a part of the Safety Orange family.

Then one of my favorite Local Artists in the Mahoning Valley on NE Ohio. Terry and Diane McCabe. This Acoustic Duo works hard and plays out all the time. Independent and always grateful for any support. Find them here on Facebook and let them know you heard them on the Good Underground Radio Show.  This Track is called "Snow Mountain" I love the song, but can tell you it ain't no where you wanna be.

The next track is by Monica Uhm and the Trio of Awesuhme. I love the work this young lady is doing. A skilled writer and singer with a great ear. And some very skilled bandmates as well. The Track is called, "Storyline" Head on over to her Facebook Page and find out more about what she is working on now. And if you want, let her know you heard her Track on the Show.

Then I found this next Track on, um, well... I am not sure. But I like it. It is by an Artist who calls himself, Stevie Williams. And the Track is called "Trinidad Trilby"  I think it is about a woman he met somewhere in the Caribbean. But for all I know, he met her in the Bronx. Anyway, cool Track in my opinion. Check out his website here and if you happen to be in the U.K.; go out and see him live.  

Next up an Artist who has a name. Binky Womack. And yes, it is the offspring of that other Womack who was huge a couple of decades back. But entirely different kind of music. Rocking out with a soulful kick is the Track, "Put Something Down on It" Head on over to his Website to show him some love and find out where you can get out and hear this guy JAM on that there guitar.

Last but not least on this week's Show. Bill Madden singing about how the way things were is "Gone". I like this track for a couple of reasons. One, it speaks to how things change. But, also to how we can affect the change based on our choices. Find more of Bill Madden's Work here. And show him some love too.

Check out this week's Show on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting at 7PM Eastern Time Sunday or Wednseday to see who I found this week. And Subscribe here to listen in Anytime with Free downloads of the Show. Peace and Love to you and yours! C Ya...