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Hanah Jamroz AKA The Ripped Barbie: Episode #98: The Trillest Podcast

The Trillest Podcast

Release Date: 12/04/2018

Today we're joined by Hanah Jamroz (@therippedbarbie) of HanJam Fitness. Hanah has had quite the fitness adventure! She started off as a multi-sport athlete, dabbled in bodybuilding competitions (at a super young age), got REALLY into Crossfit (didn't we all?) and has landed on a balanced lifestyle that includes macro counting, rest and not killing herself in the gym. Hanah's gig is helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. We talked to Hanah about her fitness journey, her experience with bodybuilding comps, her take on macro counting and a whole lot more! Tune in and let us know what you think!

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