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Trailhead, Certifications, and Deadlines with Tracie Ozug WizardCast Episode 84


Release Date: 12/05/2018

There are a changes a coming to Salesforce certifications. We get all the details from Tracie Ozug the Trailhead Program/Project Manager for Salesforce Credentials. 

First, anyone who has NOT taken their Salesforce Spring '18 or Summer '18 Maintenance exams MUST finish them by December 14, 2018. 

What's very important is to complete your Summer '18 exams you MUST link your Webacessor account to your trailhead account first! 

Maintenance exams for Salesforce will be managed on Trailhead going forward and will be a combination of questions and demo builds. 

There's a really easy way to link your Webaccessor and Trailhead accounts, confirm your accounts are linked, and view any outstanding exams.

  1. Goto https://sfdc.co/mystatus
  2. Click Link in the email to linkk the Trailhead & Webaccessor Account
  3. Follow Directions

It's so easy, Mark and Brian do this live on the episode.

Brian and Mark also want to give a very energetic and excited "Welcome Back!" to Shannon Hale who is returning to Salesforce as the new Product Manager for Flow Builder! 

Show Overview

0:00 Last Time on WizardCast
00:30 Introduction
01:30 Joke
02:18 Flow News! Shannon Hale! We love you Shannon. Also... sorry Shannon.
04:20 Trailhead, Certification, and the deadline with Tracie Ozug. Tracie is the Trailhead Program/Project Manager for Salesforce Credentials
08:20 Link your Trailhead & Webacessor Account in 3 steps:

  1. Goto https://sfdc.co/mystatus
  2. Click Link in the email to link the Trailhead & Webaccessor Account
  3. Follow Directions

11:08 Go to get help with Trailhead or Linking with Webacessor https://trailhead.salesforce.com/help
12:10 You can confirm your status and what exams you need to complete with the same url https://sfdc.co/mystatus
12:40 Live audio demo of checking our status!
15:35 Stop! Do your Maintenance exams break
17:50 The change in how long you have to take your Maintenance exam.
19:00 FREE MAINTENANCE EXAMS! Once on Trailhead
19:55 Best practices with Developer or trailhead playground orgs for certification exams
23:38 Recap:

  • Link your Trailhead & Webacessor
  • Get cert exams for Spring/Summer by 12/14/18
  • prepare for Winter'19 exam starting 12/17/18

24:16 Upcoming changes & more improvements. New Website! https://trailhead.salesforce.com/credentials plus new certifications & super badges coming out... but that's another show.
27:40 Hi Mom!
28:30 Outro with intern Akanksha Patel
30:34 Outtakes

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