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Ep. 069 Steelers the Headless Tomlin Gunner

Steelers Outpost Podcast

Release Date: 12/11/2018

Steelers 21 Raiders 24

Unless you were keyed into Warren Zevon in the late '70s, you might not get the title of this episode (but it's a great song!). Suffice it to say that we are quickly losing confidence in HC Mike Tomlin.   Here's what we talk about in this episode:


Yet Another Loss in Oakland - Tomlin taking some serious heat for leaving Dobbs in while Ben was good to go. Chris Boswell 0/2 + hits upright on XP.

Is Tomlin on the “Hotseat”? - He won't get fired this year, but since the JAX playoff game, his standing has gotten worse and worse

Defensive game plans - Is this a matter of talent deficiency or is Keith Butler unable to coach them up?  Certainly we need to address the secondary's allergy to catching the football.

Offensive Summary - Only 1 punt with Ben in the game.  Zero run game without Conner.  Samuels is 3rd down back at most

Immediate Future - We have a chance against Patriots; Steelers have OUTPLAYED teams in all 3 losses; Playoffs still alive (but who cares?); Pats / Texans / Ravens all lost. 

Beyond 2018 - Monetarily, team is built to WIN NOW; Can we even improve?  Fichtner improved the offense, hopefully someone can do same for the defense.

We Told You So - this may sound obnoxious, but we said it from the beginning of the season:

  1. Defense in NO WAY improved over offseason
  2. Dobbs < Landry, will cost you game
  3. Boz will lose you games down stretch


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