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Coffee With MoJo

Release Date: 12/12/2018

Do you think you’re awesome at life? Of course you are! Webster defines awesome as extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration. It also describes awesome as apprehension and fear. In every moment of our lives were operate at some level of awesome.


I tend to think to believe that when one is in the pursuit of something AWESOME, you’ll have impressive moments as well as fearful ones. Both are necessary in my opinion. In today’s episode, Molly and I discuss three simple steps to be intentionally awesome at life. Those steps are to Follow your curiosity, Find something bigger than yourself and Rinse and Repeat.


Following your curiosity simply means to do what interests you. We’ve been told that we need to follow our passions or do what we love. Either is impossible unless you find them and the only way to do so is to try a few things!


Finding something bigger than yourself means to make it about others. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone so OTHERS can communicate better. The Wright brothers invented the airplane for EVERYONE’S benefit. See the theme here;-)


Finally, you rinse and repeat. Continue to follow and work out your curiosities and look for ways to better the world with them! It’s that simple. For a more detailed explanation, dive into the episode.


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