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A Christmas to Remember

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 12/25/2018

This Christmas remember that through the Incarnationof God in Jesus we have Regenerationto a new life and Salvationthat is eternal. What is one of your fondest memories from Christmases past? What will you remember from this Christmas? Our account of the first Christmas comes through Mother Mary, who kept in her memory all that took place on that holy night by continuing to ponder over the events for the rest of her life. To declare the obvious, for Mary it was a Christmas to remember. For us who have pondered over all the accounts of Jesus for many years, we remember that God was physically born into our world in Jesus (Incarnation), that we have been born again into a new life through Jesus (Regeneration), and that because the death and resurrection of Jesus we have been given the wondrous gift of eternal life (Salvation).  
Next step: Make this Christmas a Christmas to remember by holding in your memory that through the Incarnation of God in Jesus we have Regeneration to a new life and Salvation that is eternal.