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Now That's Some BullSh** - Harborside, Aphria and Sequoia Labs

The CannaBS Detector

Release Date: 01/10/2019

I have decided to change the name of these episodes to "That's Some Bullsh**" because the effects of the BS I cover lasts far beyond the week they occur in. On this episode:

1. Harborside and the IRS - UPDATE! While Harborside lost the case on their 280E obligations, they were allowed to get away from paying the penalties

2. Aphria and short sellers - Who do you believe - the short sellers and their research or the publically traded company and their press releases? 

3. Sequoia Labs faked pesticide results - the repercussions are massive

Links to articles mentioned in this episode:

Harborside Ruling:






Sequoia Labs: