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Patreon: Why I am launching a DIY Investing Membership Program (Episode 011)

The DIY Investing Podcast: Value Investing | Fundamental Analysis | Mental Models | Business Management

Release Date: 01/27/2019

Why Patreon?

The DIY Investing membership site is hosted on DIYInvesting.org with Patreon used as the payment processor and platform partner.  Members are offered exclusive access to investing research and educational resources on how to be a better investor.  Patreon allows me to carefully curate this insider content for each individual member of our community. 

Exclusive Community Member Benefits

The public facing content of DIY Investing is focused on providing general purpose investing insight and personal finance education to the masses.  In contrast, your membership will offer you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to my personal investing process.  As you increase your contribution/membership level you will gain an increasingly inside look at the investment research that I perform on weekly basis.

All of the benefits provided here are meant to save you time and help you earn more money from your investing.  You'll be gaining access to my personal notes, fundamental analysis, and valuation on companies. 

Member Benefits Include:

  • Company Quality Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Individual Company Quality Reports
  • Company Intrinsic Value Spreadsheet with Buy/Hold/Sell Ratings
  • "Insider Access" to my Personal Investment Portfolio and Company Holdings
  • Small-Cap Stock Research - My personal notes and fundamental analysis
  • Micro-Cap Stock Research - My personal notes and fundamental analysis
  • "Buy Thesis" reports on each and every company that I currently own and purchase in the future
  • Short-Term Investment Alerts - Updates when I make changes to my personal portfolio

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