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76 - Sales Enablement: Where to start as a marketer?

B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner

Release Date: 02/14/2019

117 - Is a Career in Marketing Right for Me? show art 117 - Is a Career in Marketing Right for Me?

B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner

Good Morning from Portland, Oregon.   I have a confession to make. I travel a lot and most of my clients are not in Portland, Oregon. The truth is that I don’t know many local marketers. So, I attended a networking event the other day and I had the opportunity to talk to several local marketers.   One of the young marketers I met, Ken, asked me an interesting question: How do I know if a marketing career is right for me? He received a marketing job offer after he graduated from college. The job is not exactly what he expected; therefore, he started questioning whether this is right...

116 - How to Define a New Marketing and Sales Role show art 116 - How to Define a New Marketing and Sales Role

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Good Morning from Portland! It has been super chilly lately, and RAINY. It’s cold! My husband was like, does it matter to you? You are always inside working anyway. True! But…who doesn’t like a ray of sunshine shining through the window, right?   Question: What if you could define your own sales enablement role? I received an email from Kate. In her email, she mentioned that she’s been an account manager for several companies. She started as a Sr. Account Manager with a new company a year ago. From her perspective in this role, she’s identified a large gap in marketing and sales...

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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that you had a great holiday and are well-rested. I was on the road from 10/14 to 12/21. I am so happy to spend the holidays at home and just chill . . . and eat. As a marketer, if your company’s marketing plan for the new year is done, I’d strongly recommend you do one thing, tie your job contribution to your Company’s business goals and marketing objectives and do that in one page. This is especially important for a marketing specialist, an individual contributor or a first-line manager. Obviously, we know our roles and responsibilities. There are many...

114 - My Lessons and Reflections From 2019 show art 114 - My Lessons and Reflections From 2019

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If you are a long-time listener, you know that my episodes tend to focus on marketing and business, not so much about me. I am going to be up close and personal today as I record the last episode of 2019, I decided to do a little self-reflection, a look back to my 2019.   Frankly, this year didn’t start very well, business-wise. I didn’t tell many people, but my pipeline was bone dry the first 5 months. I had speaking engagements and small projects here and there, but nothing steady or substantial.   I was so scared that I started considering going back to be a full-time...

113 - How Lately Personalizes Customer Support show art 113 - How Lately Personalizes Customer Support

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If you listen to my podcast on a regular basis, you know that I am not affiliated with any tools or platforms. Occasionally, I mentioned certain tools and platforms for my listeners to check out if they are dealing with specific marketing or sales challenges.   For social media, I’ve been using ‘Buffer’ for several years. However, a good friend, Lisa, introduced me a tool called ‘Lately’ to me. This tool has the functionality of Buffer, but at the same time, it uses AI to autogenerate social media posts for you. You can quickly pick your favorites or edit the posts, then...

112 - One Approach to Nurture Rejected Leads show art 112 - One Approach to Nurture Rejected Leads

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In talking to many of my clients, I’ve found that there often doesn’t seem to be a nurturing stream to address leads rejected by the sales team. In some cases, these leads are not even routed back to the marketing automation system. When they are routed back, they are just treated like any other leads as part of regular email campaigns.   During one of my workshops, an attendee asked me if we should have a separate nurturing stream for rejected leads. If we do, how should we segment rejected leads?   I told her that we should segment rejected leads based on the rejected reasons...

111 - Drip Campaigns vs Nurturing - The Differences show art 111 - Drip Campaigns vs Nurturing - The Differences

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I did an 8-hour long workshop for a new client of mine. The CMO of the company, Sara, is an incredibly savvy marketer in the B2C segment. Anything about marketing a luxury brand, she is on top of it. One of her key initiatives in 2020 is to work and enable sales. In the workshop, we identified sales stages, mapped content from marketing to sales, created a series of email campaigns to help outside sales engage with SQLs. We also created a drip campaign to continue engagement with prospects after events.   She asked me what is the different between the Drip and Nurture campaigns.  ...

110 - Why B2B Businesses Need to Invest in Marketing show art 110 - Why B2B Businesses Need to Invest in Marketing

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  In the last episode, I mentioned that I met Danny Harris at Content Marketing World. He’s a regular listener to my podcast. Thank you, Danny! We did a Zoom meeting a couple of weeks after the conference. Danny is amazing. He created several nice frameworks to tie the customer journey, marketing channels and sales stages together. I am very impressed with his work. Thank you for sharing, Danny. I asked him if he had any question that he wants me to address in my podcast. He had a fundamental question: “Why do we need to invest in B2B marketing?” I totally understand why he asked...

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A quick story to share with you: People listen to my episodes and send me comments or questions privately. Well, I was at Content Marketing World and trying to get ready for my session. A big and tall gentleman, Danny Harris, approached me and said, “Pam, you’ve changed your podcast title and logo.” I was like, “What?” Someone actually noticed that I changed my podcast title from "7 Minute Marketing with Pam" to "B2B Marketing and More with Pam Didner."  Wow!! I was shocked. Danny said: “Yeh, I listened to your podcast.” OMG, I actually met a listener in person the first...

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Cindy is a newly promoted VP of Marketing for a manufacturing company. She knows how to get things done, but she tends to get deep into the weeds. That’s because, for a long time, her job was about getting things done. You can give her any marketing tactics and she would find a way to implement them. Now that she is a newly minted VP of Marketing, she is unable to pull herself out of the tactical level and instead focus on structuring a high-level budget plan discussion with her manager, who is the VP of Sales. So, she purchased a 10-hour consultation package from me and asked me to work...

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Andie from the UK sent me a LinkedIn messaging: 

“Hey Pam, I've been following you on Twitter for a while, and have recently heard your Marketing Book podcast, thought I'd reach out as sales enablement is a big problem right now: Where to start?!  

Actually, several people approached me about this question since I published my book in October 2018. Given that the sales enablement effort from the marketing side is different from company to company, let me address this based on the 3 different roles of marketing professionals,.  

Where to start to enable sales  

  • as an individual contributor 
  • as a marketing director with a small team 
  • as a VP of marketing 

As an individual contributor: 

Say you want to take the initiative to support sales as an individual contributor. The best way to start is to clearly articulate your own roles and responsibilities. Are you doing email marketing? Are you managing social media channels? Are you a content creator? Or, if you are wearing multiple hats, what do you do? 

Next, talk to the sales team to understand their challenges and needs. When you open that Pandora’s box, they will tell you many, many things that they need your support on. You need to categorize and prioritize their requests, then identify the items that you can help them with, in the context of your roles and responsibilities. That’s one way to start: a bottom-up approach. 

Another way is to internalize their needs, create a formal request with solid recommendations on what you plan to do after your discovery and research.  Present to your management, seek their support and get approval and funding before you start. That’s still bottom-up, but a more formal approach. 

As a marketing director: 

What if you are a marketing director, how do you start? As a marketing director,  you likely have a team and a budget already. You probably have a plan in place on how you’ll leverage your team and budget to achieve your marketing objectives. Start having conversations with your sales counterparts and understand their challenges to see if you can address some of them with your current plan. 

Sometimes, there is low-hanging fruit, such as revising select marketing content for sales needs or sharing a messaging framework or even helping with on-boarding training. Again, the key is to incorporate what you can do as part of your plan deliverables. The best time to do that is at the company’s annual planning cycle. Get a fresh start and have a discussion as part of the fiscal year planning.  

As a VP of marketing: 

The ideal way to start sales enablement is top-down. As a VP of marketing, you have that authority and power to role model by initiating the collaboration with the VP of sales.  

Obviously, you have your marketing plan and initiatives for the year, as does the sales team.  

Understand the sales plan and key imperatives for the year. Identify the areas that marketing can add value. If you are budget and resource-constrained, start with several small initiatives or even ask for budget from the sales team. Get the VP of sales’ buy-in and identify team members from both sides to form a task force or a virtual team, since many small projects start with some form of task force. And request timely updates from the team to keep the momentum going.   

Like I said, the best way to start sales enablement synergy is starting at the top. Senior management’s commitment goes a long way.  

Ok, there is a consistent takeaway from my recommendations above:  

  • Know what you are doing first [Symbol] Know yourself. 
  • Seek to understand sales’ challenges and pain points.[Symbol] Know your sales team 
  • Identify their challenges that you can address [Symbol] Know what you will do. 
  • Map it into your overall plan deliverables [Symbol] Create a plan to execute. 

That’s how I’d start, Andie. I hope that I answered your question. If you are in a specific marketing role, please let me know. I can explain further what you can do.  

Ok, you know where to find me if you have any marketing questions: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email, you name it.   

Again, if you find the podcast, please share your comments in iTunes.  

Keep hustling, my friends. You got this.