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Episode 58 - Testi-Kill

The Quest Company

Release Date: 02/22/2019

Previously: The gang had to split for a bit to deal with the hostage situation and the bleeding eyes situation. While looking for some Eyebright, Tabitha saw two of her favorite fellas - Solomon Asher and Good Guy Brosla. Frank and Roarke kept Mateo company. And Zara had the strangest dream.

In this episode: Tabitha's got the goods, and our bar-bound band is finally gearing up to see Florentine. Let's hope they don't have any unexpected guests show up before they leave...

Dungeon Master: Andrew Johnson / Tabitha: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Frank: Joe Cash / Roarke Blackwater: Jonah M. Jackson / Zara: Sarah Katherine Zanotti