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Voluntary Exchanges on the Homesteader's Co-op - Episode 005

Homesteads and Homeschools

Release Date: 02/26/2019

Episode 2 opened with a discussion of the Homesteader's Co-op, a pretty sweet little website that provides store fronts for homesteaders to sell their wares. In this episode, the Liberty Hippie has the privilege of interviewing Noel, the guy behind the Homesteader's Co-op. We discuss a bit about his present homestead set-up and then get into what the Homesteader's Co-op currently is, and what Noel's vision is for the future of the Homesteader's Co-op.

After the interview with Noel, the Liberty Hippie takes a look at some recent news items and state bills from around the country that treat homeschoolers (and even new parents) like criminals forcing them to submit to state sanctioned monitoring and investigations.