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Episode 34 - Relax! Your Health Depends On It

The Sisterhood Podcast

Release Date: 03/12/2019

In today's episode, Tiffany and Allyson discuss whether obese people should purchase two tickets on an airplane, the importance of relaxing, sour cream pancakes, and as always, a spotlight of an inspiring woman.

News Story:

Passenger charges obese man $150 for taking up extra space on flight.

Main Topic:


Reva Cook Studio 5 Self Care

How Does Relaxation Help the Mind and Body

Rest, Relaxation, and Exercise

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

What does it mean to relax and should you?

Favorite Things:

Sour Cream Pancakes

Trader Joe’s Citrus Body Wash

Marco Polo

DNA test kit (Also, check out this link and this link and many others.)

B&B Under Water Oasis & Papaya Paradise Cove

Almond butter/apple/honey/cinnamon toast on Killer Dave’s bread

Inspiring Woman Spotlight:

Brittany Anne of “Choosing Joy” (you can find her on Instagram as brittanyanne278)