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Keystone Habits of Investing

With investing there are both habits that you should consider adopting and habits that you should avoid. 

Positive Keystone Habits of Investing you should adopt

  1. Read one 10k every week.
  2. Always write out an investment thesis BEFORE purchasing shares of stock in any company. 
    1. [Patron Only Benefit] - Read the Buy Thesis that I have written for the stocks that I buy

Negative Keystone Habits of Investing you should avoid

  1. Checking stock prices every day
    1. Once a week is the most frequently you need to check your stock prices.
    2. Ideally, target once a month.
    3. Use price alerts for stocks you're interested in buying. That way you will be alerted if they hit your buy price. Otherwise, don't spend any time worrying about stock prices. 

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