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Episode 65 Lou Del Bianco, actor, singer, author

Enlighten: Uplift & Inspire

Release Date: 04/01/2019

My guest today is Lou Del Bianco. Lou is a storyteller, actor, singer and author. Lou has been an artist-in-residence, he's created after-school programs, developed character education programs, facilitated mutli-cultural programs, and performed at assemblies, theaters, libraries, community centers & senior living facilities. His children’s music album from the early 90s was a favorite in our home when our daughter and son were little. His charismatic, playful energy has won the hearts of audiences of all ages.

In addition to publishing an illustrated children’s book about Abraham Lincoln, Lou has recently published a book about his grandfather,
“Out of the Shadow of Mount Rushmore: The Luigi Del Bianco Story, An Italian Immigrant’s Unsung Role”.

Lou’s grandfather was originally not given credit for the tremendous role he played in creating this national monument. Lou took it upon himself to make sure the world knew Luigi’s story. Finally in 2017, Mount Rushmore acknowledged the unique and critical role his grandfather played in refining the faces of Mount Rushmore; giving them humanity, soul and even a twinkle in their eyes. Lou’s book documents the odyssey that Lou endured to honor his grandfather.

Check the links below for Lou’s website to see his performance schedule, awards, and video clips. You’ll also find a link to to order Lou’s book and learn more about the compelling story of Lou’s once unsung hero grandfather.

Enjoy the podcast!


Lou's Web Site
Through Lincoln's Eyes: A Fight for Luigi Del Bianco's Legacy (video)