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Heaven Valley Heroes - A Spider Day Prequel

The Quest Company

Release Date: 04/08/2019

This special Side Quest is a prequel to our guest appearance on the Critical Bits podcast’s Spider Day Episode! Meet the Heaven Valley Heroes, a group of super-powered teens from the 1970s destined to die at the legs of a giant spider 30 years in the future. Experience Heavendale as you’ve never seen it before - much filthier and more crime-ridden than it is in the present day! Robo-Cowboys, disco clubs, and corndogs - oh my!

Mark your calendars for April 17 to hear the fate of the Heaven Valley Heroes and a slew of other superheroes! Gather around the Spider Day Bush and hold your loved ones close as we remember the true reason for the season.

GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Ace Washington: Andrew Johnson / Scooter: Amos Raymond Glass / Barbie: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Harmony: Sarah Katherine Zanotti