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E345: Becoming A Bestselling Author Is The Key To Becoming A Highly Paid Authority In Your Space With Michelle Kulp

Breakthrough Success

Release Date: 05/08/2019

Michelle Kulp helps women reach 6-figure incomes by following their dreams. She left a 17-year career in the legal field to follow her dreams of writing, teaching, and public speaking. She is the author of books such as Backwards Book Launch and Quit Your Job & Follow Your Dreams.

Michelle has also joined us for The Wealthy Author Summit. You can get your free ticket to see her session and over 30 others here.


Quotes To Remember:

"Find the hook for the book."
"You can't put everything in one book."
"Learn sales and marketing for your book."
What You'll Learn:
  • What a book does for your brand
  • The blueprint for a bestseller promo
  • The path to profitability for your books
  • How to get clients from your books
  • How to keep your book as a bestseller for a long period of time


Key Links From The Episode: 

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Wealthy Author Summit


Speaking Circles

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Backwards Book Launch by Michelle Kulp

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