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The Quest Company

Release Date: 04/30/2019

In the year 1987, a bunch of action movie star friends got together and formed their own production company. They called it... THE POWER. Their mission? To pump out action flicks with more testosterone, explosions, and pure muscle than had ever before been seen on film. Their first film, BEARQUAKE, is exactly what you would think it is!

Directed by Dominic Chevalier, this first installment of the Disaster Animal franchise is a modern masterpiece audiences can't bear to look away from!

Starring Charlton Brosnan as Dr. Malcolm Pierce, Dick Harrison as Ted "Teddy" Checkmate, and Dutch "The Hoss" Del Macho as Ron Tuggnutt

Game Master: Jonah M. Jackson / Charlton Brosnan: Joseph Leitess / Dick Harrison: David Ian Lee / Dutch "The Hoss" Del Macho: Andrew Johnson