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Reggie Showers - Fate, Faith and Acceptance (#109)

Amputee Strong podcast

Release Date: 05/07/2019

Bringing awareness to the needs of the disabled is part of Reggie’s life mission. He is a bilateral below knee amputee and burn survivor for 41 years. He is a 2 time world champion motorcycle drag racer, pilot, snowboard instructor, mentor, amputee advocate, father, and even joined Range Of Motion Project Elite Climbing team in 2017. Reggie works for College Park Industries and continues to donate his time to ROMP whenever he can. 

“When a human being’s mobility is challenged, they lose a sense of their independence, and that can be very debilitating. When I first became an amputee, I had no clue what my future was going to be like. Would I be able to walk, would I be able to drive a car, or get a job? Would I be able to dance with my daughter on her wedding day? These questions haunted me. Having role models who are in similar situations as you, that blaze trails and show you through example that human beings are capable of amazing things despite some of the challenges that we face is huge! I want to be that person for others, and show them that life goes on even in the face of a disability!”