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Acne For All Ages

2 Non Doctors

Release Date: 04/28/2020

Eps 7: We discuss the many ways we've combated our acne over the years. Maria talks about going on accutane when younger (which Liz is vehemently against) and Liz talks about all the different ways she's tried to get rid of her acne as an adult.

Note: we had some weird audio issues on this one so it's a little choppy at points because of editing out issues. Sorry.

Googles: Maria's "Why are my eyes blurry?" Liz's "How long does it take for eyebrow hairs to grow?"

Lets Get Personal: "How accurate is the height you tell people/do you lie about your height?"

Topic: Adult Acne (we discuss/argue about accutane, how great birth control is for skin, balancing your hormones and gut health, and the powers of manuka honey and mackerel)

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