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prepared to love

2+2=5 : The Dialogue Project Podcasts

Release Date: 03/11/2011

A tender, gentle and explicit dialogue between Karl James and Adrian. At the age of 42, Adrian decided it was about time he had penetrative sex. So he saved up some money and hired a male escort for just one night. What he got was an experience he'll never forget. Adrian is one of the most beautiful men I know. Beautiful in that he has a heart so full of love that sometimes you doubt he's actually a real person. Surely, you might think, this man must be a persona created to divert attention from the real thing? But he's not. Not at all. He has a camp, very funny side to him but when that mask drops... it reveals one of the most authentic partners in conversation I've ever met. So when I asked him to be on my list of people to talk to, I secretly knew or hoped at least that I would get candour, openness and honesty. And I did. But I got so much more. Adrian 'gave' himself to this conversation. Gently, quietly, tenderly. But fully and without prejudice. It is with sadness that I must add to this description for anyone who listens the additional information that in February 2014, Adrian took his own life. He is and will continue to be missed by those of us lucky enough to know him and his presence will not be forgotten by anyone who spent time with him. Twitter: @2plus2makes5