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2+2=5 : The Dialogue Project Podcasts

Release Date: 04/14/2011

An honest, open and frank conversation on sexuality and confidence. Olivia was a great woman to meet. She and I were maybe a little nervous in each other's company at first. And we tackled some fairly juicy subjects that I had decided to ask about that never made it to the edit: female ejaculation, the techniques of clitoral stimulation, radical ideas around sex education. But the edit here is centred on a theme that emerged more naturally between us: the confidence it takes to say what you want and what you need. So this is a frank, tender and personal conversation. When we took this edit to Latitude we had queues of young men keen to listen to this and a lot of young women too. They told me everyone should listen to it, so I decided to share it here. I'm really glad to have met Olivia. She's a great woman. And a beautiful one. As a man, I'm extremely glad to have had the conversation we did. I just wish I'd had it 25 years ago.