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029: Knowing Alzheimer's (Elder Advocacy Encore Edition)

Absolute Trust Talk

Release Date: 07/29/2019

040: How to Avoid the Most Common Estate Planning Mistake show art 040: How to Avoid the Most Common Estate Planning Mistake

Absolute Trust Talk

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk, I'm going to share the tips and information you need to know to avoid this kind of mistake and keep your family out of court. I'll talk about how to fund a trust: which assets to fund, how to fund each kind of asset, and how you can tell if your trust has been correctly funded. With COVID-19, people want to make sure they protect themselves and their loved ones the best they can. Together we can help build an airtight plan.

039: COVID-19 and Elder Home Care show art 039: COVID-19 and Elder Home Care

Absolute Trust Talk

Are you looking for a solution to keep the stay at home senior in your life safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? In-home caregivers are considered frontline, essential personnel, and have been prepared to care for seniors in place since long before the worst of Coronavirus. Francesca Vogel of Home Care Assistance joins us to discuss the specialized COVID-19 response efforts that home care providers are taking and have been taking to provide the vital care and support seniors need to remain safe. 

038: COVID-19 + Elder Care: What You Need to Know show art 038: COVID-19 + Elder Care: What You Need to Know

Absolute Trust Talk

It’s no secret that our most vulnerable population during this COVID-19 pandemic has been our seniors and older adults. They need extra protection and closer oversight because of the isolation they have been put in.

037: Coronavirus Estate Planning Triage show art 037: Coronavirus Estate Planning Triage

Absolute Trust Talk

Are you a health care worker, or do you have a loved one who is? Then this episode is for you. 

036: How to Protect Against Coronavirus Scams show art 036: How to Protect Against Coronavirus Scams

Absolute Trust Talk

It’s more difficult now, but more important than ever, to stay connected – especially to our senior family members. Scams are much easier to pull off on someone who is isolated, as many older adults are, and especially if they experience cognitive decline as they age. These types of scams cost families millions of dollars every year. But there are things you can do now to protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

035: Coronavirus Estate Planning show art 035: Coronavirus Estate Planning

Absolute Trust Talk

In uncertain times, like those we’re facing now, we tend to go into panic mode, worrying about everything all at once. With so much on our minds, we don’t realize that there is still an opportunity to take control and be prepared. Listen in for to an all-new episode of Absolute Trust Talk LIVE, where I discuss the importance of coronavirus estate planning now, and give you some action items to help you plan and prepare.

034: The Dynamics of Dementia with Dr. Michelle Dhanak show art 034: The Dynamics of Dementia with Dr. Michelle Dhanak

Absolute Trust Talk

Joining Kirsten in the studio is Dr. Michelle Dhanak of ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine. Michelle has an extensive background in addressing complex medical and psychosocial issues in older individuals, and her unique focus and expertise in dementia and agitation have had a significant impact on improving care systems for challenging patients. Michelle believes that all older adults who are suffering deserve to live out the rest of their lives with dignity, respect, and self-efficacy.

033: Learning the Language: Long-Term Care Insurance show art 033: Learning the Language: Long-Term Care Insurance

Absolute Trust Talk

Joining us on the show today is long-term care insurance expert Patrick Johnson. In this episode, Patrick helps provide clarity about why people need long-term care coverage, the types of options that are available, and how they fit into the bigger picture of your future planning. Patrick also shares insights into the costs of long-term care and the next steps you should take to get the process of obtaining coverage started.

032: Extending Your Health Span with Dr. Nancy Rolnik show art 032: Extending Your Health Span with Dr. Nancy Rolnik

Absolute Trust Talk

Joining the show today, Dr. Rolnik and Kirsten discuss the best options for pain management, how health and wellness are vital for maintaining optimal function, and the steps you can take to implement a healthier lifestyle one improvement at a time. Whether you’re an athlete or daily workout junkie, or you experience wear-and-tear pain, this episode will help you recognize what you might be missing and help get you back on track.

031: Do You Have a Firearm in Your Estate Plan? show art 031: Do You Have a Firearm in Your Estate Plan?

Absolute Trust Talk

In today’s episode, we are excited to welcome associate attorney Joseph Fenton of Campbell Green to the show. While Joseph represents clients in all areas of estate planning, he also has unique expertise in the laws governing ownership and transfer of firearms.

More Episodes
Join us for an encore edition of Absolute Trust Talk Episode #029 featuring Dori Sproul of the Alzheimer's Association of Northern California. 
Dori is a featured speaker at our upcoming Elder Advocacy & Law Boot Camp on September 18, 2019. She will be discussing effective communication strategies for those who suffer from dementia. 
Over 5 million people all across our country have Alzheimer’s. The scary part is that many people don’t quite understand the disease and confuse it with other health issues or even normal signs of aging. Kirsten and guest Dori Sproul, family care specialist with the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California, team up to discuss the disease and to educate listeners on a multitude of topics about this life-changing condition.

Kirsten and Dori begin their discussion defining exactly what Alzheimer’s is and what it does to the body. Dori then goes on to share the importance of her organization and details how the Alzheimer’s Association helps families and individuals impacted by the illness. Dori highlights vital warning signs, how a patient is diagnosed, the advantages of being diagnosed early, and how crucial it is to plan ahead financially if at all possible. One in three seniors who die each year has Alzheimer’s or another dementia. It is the fourth leading cause of death in the state of California alone. Alzheimer’s is a rapidly growing national health crisis, and the more we all understand, the better. We recommend listening and sharing this episode, because one way or another, this disease touches us all.

Big Three From Episode #029:

  1. If possible (with early diagnosis), plan ahead with your family.
  2. If you notice warning signs, talk to a physician.
  3. If you are a caregiver, you are not alone!

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This is a one-day educational experience aimed at strengthening your elder care solutions. For more information or to take advantage of our early bird pricing click here. We can’t wait to see you there!

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

2:15 – Over 5 million people all across our country have Alzheimer’s. Dori explains what Alzheimer’s is and what it does to the body, and identifies the ways in which Alzheimer’s differs from other dementias.

5:59 – Dori discusses what her organization does and how it helps those who have Alzheimer’s and their families.

11:15 – Dori describes the warning signs of Alzheimer’s and explains how these differ from normal signs of aging.

22:30 – Dori and Kirsten discuss how Alzheimer’s is diagnosed in a patient.

27:35 – Dori identifies the advantages of getting a firm Alzheimer’s diagnosis and early detection.

30:08 – Dori explains what a mild cognitive impairment diagnosis looks like.

36:30 – Kirsten and Dori discuss the importance of planning ahead financially if possible.

39:55 – Dori describes what families experience when they get in touch with the Alzheimer’s Association.

48:00 – Dori discusses other community resources available to seniors in need.

Episode #029 Freebie: Know the 10 Signs

As mentioned in this episode, signs, and symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be confused with normal signs of aging. Regardless, it’s a growing epidemic, and it’s important to be able to understand and recognize key warning signs of the disease. Absolute Trust Talk guest Dori Sproul works hard to educate clients, the community, and all who contact her through the Alzheimer’s Association on tips, tools, strategies, resources, and all aspects of this illness. Today, she is sharing an exclusive tool with listeners called “Know the 10 Signs – Because Early Detection Matters” — a detailed checklist to help you identify the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Click here to download your checklist now!

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:

TrialMatch – website tool to match with clinical trial

1.800.272.3900 – Alzheimer’s Association Help, Crisis, and Resource Line to address questions or concerns 24 hours a day

ALZ.org – educational content, tools, and resources