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Destined for Motherhood: A Story of Adoption and Surrogacy [S5E1]

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Release Date: 03/07/2019

Abortion vs. Adoption: Adrian Collins Shares Her Experience [S5E17] show art Abortion vs. Adoption: Adrian Collins Shares Her Experience [S5E17]

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Adrian Collins speaks on a topic that has she has never publicly opened up about.

Adoption in the Church: Aaron and Kelli's Story [S5E16] show art Adoption in the Church: Aaron and Kelli's Story [S5E16]

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Aaron and Kelli share their experience with international adoption.

How to Support a Family Who is Adopting show art How to Support a Family Who is Adopting

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

April Fallon invites her mom, Mary, and her husband, Noah, to share what they have learned during their seven adoption experiences. On this episode, you will hear how to support your adult children as they grow their family through adoption. To start this episode, April takes listeners back to 2010 when they finished their first home study. The agency had told them it would be a couple of years before they were placed with a baby. After planning on doing their fair share of traveling, April suddenly got a call from their agency: there was a baby in the hospital! For April’s mom, this all...

A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption show art A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Kelene is a birth mother who placed her baby 26 years ago with a family she babysat for down the street. She had an open adoption with her daughter, Chrissy, and this week she shares what it was like to have a daughter she knows and sees...but is not raising. This episode helps us understand how open adoption works as an adoptive family brings home a baby and a birthmother heals. To start this interview about Kelene’s adoption journey, April asks her to go back to the moment she became a birth mother at only 17 years old. At that time, Kelene was dating her high school sweetheart when she...

Open Adoption from the Adoptee’s Perspective show art Open Adoption from the Adoptee’s Perspective

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Last episode, we had Kelene on the show, who is a birth mother that made an adoption plan 26 years ago. That little baby girl, named Chrissy, was born early and was only 3 pounds. Kelene and the adoptive parents worked together to love this little baby and today she joins the show! This is the first ADOPTION NOW episode to have both the birth mother and the adoptee together sharing their journey. It’s an incredible story and it’s so helpful in understanding open adoption. To start this episode, April asks Chrissy what she thought about the story that was told last week.  Chrissy...

Birth Father Perspective show art Birth Father Perspective

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Jack and Adrian are birth parents who placed their baby girl for adoption when they were in college. They wanted a better life for her, although later they would find out it wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for. Jack shares from a birth father‘s perspective on how he moved forward after leaving the hospital without his daughter. Adrian shares what it was like as a birth mother grieving the loss of her baby. Together, they both share their experiences from two different sides of the adoption process. It’s a rollercoaster-ride, for sure!  To start the interview, April asks Jack and...

Life After Placement: Brandi Miller’s Open Adoption Story show art Life After Placement: Brandi Miller’s Open Adoption Story

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Brandi’s story starts at age 15 when she became pregnant. During this time she lived on an island in Washington State, which had a community of about 4,000 people. During the interview, when asked by ADOPTION NOW host April if she wanted to keep the baby, Brandi said that she had considered it wholeheartedly. Even at 15, she knew just how upsetting the placement of a child can be for the birth mother. But because of family circumstances and her own future to think about, she knew adoption was her best option for providing the most opportunities for her kiddo. Brandi saw adoption as the way...

Reggie Rivers, Former NFL Running Back show art Reggie Rivers, Former NFL Running Back

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Our guest Reggie Rivers played six seasons as a running back for the Denver Broncos. He is now the president of his own business consulting firm, and a highly successful corporate motivational speaker. And in this 100th episode of ADOPTION NOW, Reggie shares with host April Fallon that he and his wife Stephanie originally did not want children. It wasn’t until Stephanie’s sister had a son, and she began struggling with addiction, that he considered becoming a father. Reggie says that when he was about 17 years old, he recognized the difficulties his parents faced with raising five kids....

The Gift of Adoption show art The Gift of Adoption

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

In the last episode of ADOPTION NOW, Laura, an incredible birth mother, shared her story of honesty and open communication in her adoption experience. In this episode, host April Fallon and her husband Noah are joined by the adoptive parents, Jen and Alan. They tell us their side of the story on this seemingly perfect adoption. Although the story starts with grief and a very difficult first marriage, ultimately, it ends in the happiest of ways! To start this interview, April asked Jen to share the events that led her to meet Alan. Jen experienced a lot of grief through a pregnancy that ended...

A Birth Mother’s Gift show art A Birth Mother’s Gift

ADOPTION NOW - Telling Your Adoption Story

Sometimes a story comes along that makes you question the things you thought you knew about adoption. This is one of those stories. We know you’ll enjoy this inspiring and fresh perspective that proves that everyone has their own story in the adoption journey.  Laura is a birth mother from California who feels passionately about sharing her incredibly positive adoption experience. After choosing open adoption over three years ago, Laura is still beaming with joy about her open adoption process and the adoptive family of her child. To start this interview, April accentuates Laura’s...

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As always, ADOPTION NOW focuses on the many powerful stories centered around adoption and foster care. This episode also includes a topic April Fallon is new to, the topic of surrogacy. Dr. Claire Dumke tells us the story of her two daughters, Ruby and Hazel, and how she pursued both adoption and surrogacy at the same time. As a result of this, her two daughters were born 8 months apart!

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The episode focuses on the many joys that were felt throughout her experience, but also on the challenging aspects. And in addition, surrogacy is explained: the price, what to expect, regulations, details on medication, and so forth.

Below are four of the most crucial aspects of this episode ranging from surrogacy in a nutshell, transracial adoption, the importance of agencies and the selection process for adoption, as well as the relational interplay between biological and adoptive mothers.

[#1 What to Expect When your Surrogate is Expecting]

  • As was the case with Dr. Claire, surrogacy may be an option for a family if they have embryos either through IVF but cannot personally carry them to full term.
  • It is very expensive! Dr. Claire mentions that the price was in the six-figure range at least. But as always, no amount of money is too much for the wonderful gift of life.
  • Dr. Claire also discusses and warns of the emotional distress that can occur for surrogates after they give birth. Counseling is a very powerful tool for this common circumstance and Dr. Claire highly recommends that the biological family is prepared to provide this resource.

[#2 Transracial Open Adoption ]

  • Ruby--Dr. Claire’s first daughter and who was adopted through an open agreement with her  African American birth mother--didn’t make Claire nervous in the slightest at the dynamic. Although she does talk about how nervous she was to meet the extended family of the biological mother, she stresses just how beautiful and wonderful Ruby is.
  • The concept of providing racial mirrors for Ruby is brought up as well, meaning that considerable attention to positive reinforcement of Ruby’s racial identity is a large focal point in their family.
  • And through Claire’s relationship with Ruby’s biological mother and her extended family, Ruby has that much more reinforcement.

[#3 Agencies and The Adoption Selection Process ]

  • When talking about how expectant  mothers choose adoptive parents for their child, the best advice is, “Be yourself!” As April states; you never know just what detail will stand out and speak to a birth mother in the midst of her choice. And like it is discussed within the episode, the difference between you being chosen or not could have to do with if you have a golden retriever or not; be yourself!
  • Agencies are very important for introducing you to a bigger pool of possibilities for being matched with a child. And the multi-state agencies also give you a higher probability to be selected faster due to more choices. The Adoption Choices of Colorado was the agency Dr. Claire used. She and  her husband were pleasantly surprised to find themselves in Texas for Ruby after just two short months of waiting.

[#4 Relationship Dynamics Between Surrogates, Biological Mothers, and Adoptive Parents ]

  • There is a fair amount of discussion on the interactions between adoptive parents, the birth mother and a surrogate mother. There can be a lot of grief after placement, so counseling and sensitivity towards that issue are imperative.
  • As Dr. Claire states during the episode, what words are there to express to a birth mother or surrogate mother besides gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude!
  • In addition, the whole process has strengthened the bond between Dr. Claire and her husband.

More details at: https://adoptionnow.com/podcast/destined-for-motherhood-a-story-of-adoption-and-surrogacy


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