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Paul Frank - From The Circle of Trust Archive

Adventures In Design

Release Date: 08/30/2019

Countdown To Creep Week - Ryan Milner - Illustrator  show art Countdown To Creep Week - Ryan Milner - Illustrator

Adventures In Design

This Monday, October 21st, kicks off our 6th annual Creep Week on Adventures In Design. To celebrate each day, we are releasing one Creep Week episode from the Circle of Trust Archive. Today's episode is illustrator Ryan Milner from 2014, sharing his love of drawing zombies. To hear the complete Creep Week collection of over 30 podcast episodes, join the Circle of Trust at https://aid.network/.

How To Create Social Media Strategies with Jeff Haidaczuk - Social Media Specialist show art How To Create Social Media Strategies with Jeff Haidaczuk - Social Media Specialist

Adventures In Design

Jeff Haidaczuk has created successful social media campaigns for major brand, bands, celebrities and working creatives just like you. Jeff Shares his story and some of his strategies with Adventures In Design. 

Lauren Griffin - Designer / Illustrator / Typographer  show art Lauren Griffin - Designer / Illustrator / Typographer

Adventures In Design

Designer, Illustrator & Typographer Lauren Griffin is having a breakout year in her young career. Lauren quickly has hit a stride that many dream of where the work is coming in faster than you can do it, and all the clients are requesting more work in your signature style. Listen to Lauren and Mark, break down how she found this stride, and the best way to keep this career going and growing.

Bernardo Puccio - Beverly Hills Based Interior Designer show art Bernardo Puccio - Beverly Hills Based Interior Designer

Adventures In Design

Beverly Hills Based Interior Designer to the stars Bernardo Puccio, lived a life just as action-packed as any of the Hollywood Stars that hired him. An openly gay man since the 60's, hear his wild ride of being arrested for being gay and working with Elizabeth Taylor on the first-ever AIDS benefit. And how, when the world wouldn't allow him to celebrate his life and love, he threw a party for his death. One of the most interesting and toughest men you'll ever get to meet today on Adventures In Design.

Dan McCarthy - Illustrator Printmaker  show art Dan McCarthy - Illustrator Printmaker

Adventures In Design

Dan McCarthy shares his illustration and printmaking approach and takes us on his visual journey. Dan has been continuously redefining and refining not only his subject matter but his unique technique of finding the proper emotional tone of quiet places.

Mondo Records / Death Waltz Recording Company - Spencer Hickman and Mo Shafeek show art Mondo Records / Death Waltz Recording Company - Spencer Hickman and Mo Shafeek

Adventures In Design

Spencer Hickman and Mo Shafeek guide us all through the soundtracks of our lives and the joint business partnership that is running both Death Waltz Recording Co and the Mondo record label. If you have ever wondered how movie soundtrack licensing works or how they art direct the best record packaging in the industry, today is an episode made just for you!

Jen Bartel - Graphic Novel Illustrator show art Jen Bartel - Graphic Novel Illustrator

Adventures In Design

Graphic Novel Illustrator Jen Bartel shares with us the details of a career that has been taking off the last couple years and how she's dealing with the overflow of client work and the emotional responsibility of having a huge passionate following.

Illustrator Leslie Herman show art Illustrator Leslie Herman

Adventures In Design

Illustrator Leslie Herman shares his experiences on finding his signature loose style, and navigating the client world to where your client work starts to adopt the same methods and style as your personal work.

Comic Writer and Illustrator Becky Cloonan show art Comic Writer and Illustrator Becky Cloonan

Adventures In Design

Award-winning comic writer and illustrator Becky Cloonan shares why she took a break from comics to work on more traditional illustration gigs. And explains her move back home to comics and what she was at mentally while she took her break.

Illustrator & Painter Sonny Day  show art Illustrator & Painter Sonny Day

Adventures In Design

Sonny Day shares how teaching others to create art has only recharged his batteries at We Buy Your Kids.

More Episodes

Armed with an unwavering desire to create anything customized and a preserved sense of child like wonder, Paul Frank built a world filled with friends we have all come to know like Julius, Worry Bear, Bob the Brace Face Dog, Shaka Brah Yeti, and many more. These characters served as his catalyst to craft an entire world of tchotchkes that took hold of the hearts of millions worldwide who gravitated towards his personal touch on each product bearing his name. The gratitude expressed for all the opportunities that have come his way since his humble beginnings buying vinyl at a speedboat repair shop is palpable across this entire interview and really shows the genuine character that Paul Frank is. From wallets to a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, size and scale are no boundaries for Paul's endless imagination.  Mark opens with a monologue touching on the source of our motivations and treading the fine line between following your dreams and financing your life. It's time to meet your new best friend, Paul Frank.

Talking Points

  • A disconnect over the agony of defeat, a designer that truly cares, and creating a world of friends. 
  • Balancing what's real, what's really important, what fills you with pride. 
  • Becoming an emotional millionaire. 
  • Starting out at a speedboat repair shop and the art of discovery before a computer was in every home. 
  • Taking inspiration from Disney, Sanrio, and little tchotchkes from all over. 
  • Driven by shapes and details. 
  • Happiness in creation and working backward in the world of animation. 
  • The struggle in compromising your vision and the importance of an item. 
  • Character origins and collaborating with school kids.
  • Curiosity, the consumer, and the craft. 
  • The catalyst for customization.
  • Ten years of using everything but your name to further develop as an artist. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Bendy toys, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the joy of seeing your work in the wild.
  • Seeing the forest for the trees. 
  • The real profit for Paul Frank and keeping your fandom intact. 
  • Putting earnest energy out there with a few extra inspirational pieces to discover. 
  • What's next for Paul Frank now that he's back in the captain's chair?
  • Uncovering the trail to a happier life.
  • An honest look at a journey through Paul's head and the demand of the industry. 
  • The ingredients that resonate with audiences around the world. 
  • Treating the worst details with the most care and concern. 
  • Growing up a little out there in the woods.