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Paul Frank - From The Circle of Trust Archive

Adventures In Design

Release Date: 08/30/2019

Where Do We Go From Here? show art Where Do We Go From Here?

Adventures In Design

Looking back on one of the saddest weekend's in recent American history. Where do we go from here, how do we know what to feel? How can Wrestling help us heal?

Toby Oliver Cinematographer | Dead To Me and Get Out show art Toby Oliver Cinematographer | Dead To Me and Get Out

Adventures In Design

Toby Oliver was the guy behind the camera for Dead To Me season two, Jordan Peele's acclaimed Get Out, and a long list of other great projects. He shares how he does his craft, sitting at the intersection of where storytelling meets technology. But even more, than the technical art, he shares how working on a movie is working with a team. Follow along for great advice on how to help others create amazing projects and how empathy goes a long way in creativity.

Shop Talk Looks How Businesses Are Changing with OKpants show art Shop Talk Looks How Businesses Are Changing with OKpants

Adventures In Design

Shop Talk looks back at Memorial Day 2020 that felt maybe like a stretch of weird Sundays versus the celebrated holiday weekend that kicks off the summer season. Pants talks about the childlike fun of creating vector art cityscapes, and the boys' debate is Elon Musk and Grimes marketing geniuses for naming their child or just assholes.

Jason Edmiston | Pop Culture Painter show art Jason Edmiston | Pop Culture Painter

Adventures In Design

Pop Culture Painter Jason Edmiston joins us for another episode full of great insight on building an art career built to last. He shares with us how he has been able to pivot during the pandemic, as all of his live events are canceled. Jason goes deep into explaining how he created the light source for his Godzilla painting and give insight into his newest paintings to join the Eyes Without A Face Series.

Shop Talk Goes To Flavor Town with OKpants show art Shop Talk Goes To Flavor Town with OKpants

Adventures In Design

On the edge of Memorial Day Weekend, we're all wondering, has OKpats been liberated? Or is Cleveland's superhero staying put in his fortress of solidude? Aaron's artwork recently went to Flavor Town, and we get to learn what it's like to see your work arrive at such an exotic location.

Oren Aks | The Fyre Festival Designer  show art Oren Aks | The Fyre Festival Designer

Adventures In Design

Before you cast judgment, remind yourself that once your files go to the client, it's out of your hands what they do with the work. Oren Aks created one of the most successful marketing campaigns on the new millennium when his graphic design rollout made thousands of people excited to take a leap of faith on the dream luxury vacation designed for their generation... If you want more information about Fyred Festival: https://aid.network/fyred-festival

Fyred Fest FAQ | KNOW BEFORE YOU GO show art Fyred Fest FAQ | KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

Adventures In Design

Are you attending Fyred Festival this Friday? Here are some essential things to know before you go! For More Information: https://aid.network/fyred-festival Fyred Festival is a one-day creative conference, free for anyone who has been fired or furloughed, and everyone is invited.

Shop Talk | The OKpants Tell All show art Shop Talk | The OKpants Tell All

Adventures In Design

Aaron inspires Brickey to pick back up the old Apple Pencil and start illustrating again to keep that anxiety spot of the brain quiet. Aaron shares more information about his new illustration style, and if it's a new perspective or a new set of tools that created this new look. The guys reminisce about the jobs they wish they would have said no to back in the day. This topic leads to the conversation of how do you learn to manage project expectations. Twelve years ago, Aaron and Brickey, each rebounded...

Sean Mort | Hit Show | What Are People Printing Right Now? Social Polling For Printing.  show art Sean Mort | Hit Show | What Are People Printing Right Now? Social Polling For Printing.

Adventures In Design

During this weird economic time, what are people printing? And how is social polling determining what's making it's way to the presses? We talk with Sean Mort about the model of pre-order and how it can keep your crafter goods within budget and always making a profit.

Shop Talk | Pants Got His Groove Back show art Shop Talk | Pants Got His Groove Back

Adventures In Design

OKpants has taken the down time of his QuaranTime and reinvented the way he approaches portrait illustrations. 

More Episodes

Armed with an unwavering desire to create anything customized and a preserved sense of child like wonder, Paul Frank built a world filled with friends we have all come to know like Julius, Worry Bear, Bob the Brace Face Dog, Shaka Brah Yeti, and many more. These characters served as his catalyst to craft an entire world of tchotchkes that took hold of the hearts of millions worldwide who gravitated towards his personal touch on each product bearing his name. The gratitude expressed for all the opportunities that have come his way since his humble beginnings buying vinyl at a speedboat repair shop is palpable across this entire interview and really shows the genuine character that Paul Frank is. From wallets to a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, size and scale are no boundaries for Paul's endless imagination.  Mark opens with a monologue touching on the source of our motivations and treading the fine line between following your dreams and financing your life. It's time to meet your new best friend, Paul Frank.

Talking Points

  • A disconnect over the agony of defeat, a designer that truly cares, and creating a world of friends. 
  • Balancing what's real, what's really important, what fills you with pride. 
  • Becoming an emotional millionaire. 
  • Starting out at a speedboat repair shop and the art of discovery before a computer was in every home. 
  • Taking inspiration from Disney, Sanrio, and little tchotchkes from all over. 
  • Driven by shapes and details. 
  • Happiness in creation and working backward in the world of animation. 
  • The struggle in compromising your vision and the importance of an item. 
  • Character origins and collaborating with school kids.
  • Curiosity, the consumer, and the craft. 
  • The catalyst for customization.
  • Ten years of using everything but your name to further develop as an artist. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Bendy toys, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the joy of seeing your work in the wild.
  • Seeing the forest for the trees. 
  • The real profit for Paul Frank and keeping your fandom intact. 
  • Putting earnest energy out there with a few extra inspirational pieces to discover. 
  • What's next for Paul Frank now that he's back in the captain's chair?
  • Uncovering the trail to a happier life.
  • An honest look at a journey through Paul's head and the demand of the industry. 
  • The ingredients that resonate with audiences around the world. 
  • Treating the worst details with the most care and concern. 
  • Growing up a little out there in the woods.