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Albertastan Live July 25th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live July 25th, 2021


Rich and Hugh break down the Federal Election Results and Kenney melts down and takes Alberta with him.

Albertastan Live August 1st, 2021 show art Albertastan Live August 1st, 2021


The GOA wants you DOA. Hinshaw commits career-seppuku. Nurses are effing pissed off and tired. NDP crushing UCP in support and donations and other crazy messed up garbage from the week.

Albertastan Live July 18th, 2021  show art Albertastan Live July 18th, 2021


Big ups to Mary Simon, Canada's new Governor General. Kenney’s cabinet shuffle is a fart in the mouth. Catholic Church swindles assimilation camp survivors. Travis Toews was serious about insane ask of healthcare workers apparently, and more unfortunately.

Albertastan Live July 4th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live July 4th, 2021


Heaven's on Fire, Attack of the UCP Supporters, Alberta Budget Shenanigans, Trump's CFO is SOL and Rummy is a Mummy and much-much more.

Albertastan Live June 27th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live June 27th, 2021


Catholic Church needs to go to confession, UCP supporters attack themselves, the CPC goes progressively anti-LGBTQ, Chauvin goes bye bye and much more!

Albertastan Live May 16th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live May 16th, 2021


Lots of rats both leaving and getting tossed overboard the UCP ship amongst calls for the resignation of “Bungles”.

Albertastan Live May 9th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live May 9th, 2021


Legislative shut down to avoid the heat, circuit breaker lockdown with a side of non-enforcement, Justice Minister caught lying and making things up, sun-god worshiping cult files the old pick on someone your own size defence in court and Maxime Bernier wants you to doubt his racist tirade actually happened.

Albertastan -  Live  -  May 2nd, 2021 show art Albertastan - Live - May 2nd, 2021


Alberta is on fire and the racist are having a party

Albertastan Live April 25th, 2021 show art Albertastan Live April 25th, 2021


The only thing grass roots about the UCP now is a call to flush crap leader. FOIP request proves Kenney ignored warnings of second wave. People died. Mayors in the ridings of conspiracy-theorist Alberta MLAs who spoke out against COVID-19 restrictions call bullshit on community support for MLA fantasies Barrelled and lazy assed UCP caught withholding supplies of Moderna vaccines they received from feds while they simultaneously blame them for the same shitty roll out. Did you kill scores of elderly due to both your negligence as a long term care home provider during the onset of the pandemic...

Albertasta Live - 077 - April 18th, 2021 show art Albertasta Live - 077 - April 18th, 2021


Covid-19 is still leading the news in the province.

More Episodes

Chach & Puke hash out the car crash that was the week in Alberta, Canadian & US politics.

Calgary Sun gas-bag Ric Bell has soured on Kenney but it didn’t stop him from eating him in his last syndicated screed.


Jason is getting his ass handed to him within the party


Same elected douchebag is up for review in 2020

But guess what?

ATA sues government over AIMCO failure and literally everyone saw this coming.


Kenney is courting the crazies in new drive for nut job support because his numbers suck donkeys

Need a distraction from inconvenient leadership reviews and tanking party support across the province?

Bonehead UCP MLA has it covered with proposed bill for warp speed on Alberta Highways.

Elk island Schools get the shaft in capital spending plan just for coming out.

Voted overwhelmingly UCP here’s your complementary 25% reduction to municipal infrastructure support from the province.

Alberta Medical Association rolls over and dies by admitting that new contract its about to present to members acknowledge minister’s sole authority with respect to the physician services budget.

Ontario Supreme Court will allow election lies because of course it will

Erin O’Toole is unlikable, even to angry old white men in his party

GOP is a hypocritical dumpster fire yet again amid relief bill spending.

Oh No he didn’t

GOP Senator Who Voted Against COVID-19 Relief Already Taking Credit For Bill's Benefits, and…Further proof The GOP is no more.

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