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Episode 22 - How to Make your Light Glow - lessons from Transformed Women [PODCAST]

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Release Date: 05/18/2015

David made this recording live at the “Transformed Women” conference where he was one of the keynote speakers for the event. He’s talking with lots of women at the conference, and with Sandra Yancey, the founder of the conference and www.ewomennetwork.com.


The event was geared to teach women that they need to “play big” in order to fulfill their dreams and make the impact on the world they were meant to have. Transformation is what the conference is all about. It’s about teaching women how to make their light shine, how to glow from the inside out to make the world a better place because they are in it.


You’ll hear comments about “self love,” “inner meaning,” “self-worth,” and “investing in yourself.” They’re the touch-stones of a positive mental attitude that makes women powerful to be who they are meant to be and impact their families and improve their future - way beyond what they ever dreamed it could be. It’s a place of personal growth, a place of confidence and empowerment that can change your life. It’s what the “Transformed Women” event is all about.


Another thing that came of the conference was the ability to get out of the traps that are typical in the lives of women - regret, guilt, and many others. You’ll hear stories from women who attended the conference and the impact it had on them. There is deep meaning here, deep change from the stories of transformed lives.


Take a break today to encourage yourself by listening to this great podcast. The stories you’ll hear are real-life from the lips of real women. You’ll be able to relate to them because these women are in the place you are at. It’s time to Crank up your life because anytime is the right time to live larger and make a difference in the world.


Get ready to Crank it Up!

Outline of this great episode


  • David’s short interview with conference founder, Sandra Yancey.

  • The damage of “Stinking Thinking” and why people need to step out of it.

  • Testimonies from women attending the “Transformed Women” conference.

  • David's thoughts about his experience as a speaker at the conference



Links mentioned in this episode


www.ewomennetwork.com - Sandra Yancey’s powerful program that created the Transformed Women conference.


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Every day you can choose to reject the control of your past and live a powerful life http://amplified.wpengine.com/?p=2096


Authenticity is powerful. Others can be encouraged by your story. Share it. http://amplified.wpengine.com/?p=2096


Leaving the judgements and insecurities behind is powerful. Do it today. http://amplified.wpengine.com/?p=2096