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Chris Atkinson: Why it’s never too late, no matter your past [Podcast 104]

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 12/16/2015

If anyone can talk about having a “past” and the battle it is to fight your way out of depression, it’s Chris Atkinson. Chris was a teenager when he began to feel the tone of his life sliding south. He began drinking and drug use when he was a preteen and by the time he was in High School he had checked out of life. His slide took him a long way down and it was years before light began to dawn on him. But it wasn’t a spontaneous thing, it was something that had to come from within him as he began listening to the voices around him, the people who were telling him that his life could be different… and that he had the choice to make it that way. On this episode of Amplified Network Marketing you’re going to hear Chris’ powerful story of jail time, drug and alcohol addiction, and the turnaround he’s made to become a multimillionaire in the Network Marketing industry.


Do you sometimes feel like life should be “more”?

Chris Atkinson definitely felt that way from a young age but was convinced by the time he was in his teen years that it was just a dream that could never come true. His struggles are evidence that no matter how far you’ve sunk in life, it’s never too late. That’s the primary message Chris and his wife teach to those they mentor. You can make a change at any point on your journey. The difference is made on the level of attitude and belief. On this episode Chris describes the turning point that happened in his life and how Network Marketing played a pivotal role. He also describes the wide-reaching impact it has had not only on his income and business, but on his personal relationships as well.


The life you dream about is possible.

Chris and Debbie Atkinson have taught thousands of people just like you that it’s never too late to turn things around so you can have the life you desire. On this episode Chris highlights the beginning steps you need to take in order to begin that change. He talks about why you have to dream BIG, the importance of setting goals, how to flip the switch from scarcity to abundance, the power of persistence, and why gratitude is the key to a prosperous life. You’ll hear Chris’ personal story woven into everything so be sure you listen to what has happened in this amazing man’s life.


I was finally sick of letting life slip through my fingers.

Drinking and drugging his life away became a sickening thing to Chris Atkinson, and when he decided that he wasn’t going to allow his life to slip away like that, things began to change. Through the help of 12 step programs, supportive parents, and a network marketing company that focused on personal development, Chris made quick advances toward becoming a successful businessman and a husband and father with a new lease on life. You can make those same kinds of changes, and Chris is on the Amplified Network Marketing show to teach you how. Be sure to listen!


Relationships change just as dramatically as the finances.

Chris Atkinson believes that your finances and business success can’t reach new levels until you reach those levels in your personal life. You’ve got to change in order for your life to change. As he began living out that philosophy he was able to rebuild a relationship with his son that had been nonexistent to that point. Now, he and his son are the best of friends and rejoice in the progress and triumphs the other experiences. You can hear more of this heart-warming story on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, and learn how the personal development focus of his MLM team enabled Chris to take the steps he needed to take in order for it to happen.



  • [0:40] David’s introduction of his guest today, Chris Atkinson and his “never too late” philosophy.
  • [2:07] Chris’ teenage memories of having no hope: drinking, drugs, and losing out on life.
  • [5:30] An ultimatum from Chris’ Dad.
  • [7:00] At some point you can decide that the bad things in life are your fault.
  • [8:18] Chris’ words to parents about their kids’ alcohol and drug use.
  • [10:20] How Chris made the choice to navigate from the life that was and the life he wanted.
  • [12:00] Always coming back to the 12 step programs.
  • [13:50] How Chris began to see the world differently.
  • [15:40] The catalytic moments that change the way you live.
  • [16:49] The big dreams Chris began to have and work toward.
  • [18:30] Using goals, dream boards, and how to move toward them.
  • [20:40] Getting sick of letting life slip through his fingers.
  • [22:12] Does the purpose of most people revolve around helping others?
  • [23:03] The first steps Chris has learned and wants to pass along to others who feel lost.
  • [26:10] The purpose people can find because of their wound, and how Chris views his own wounds.
  • [28:18] How Chris’ relationship with his son has transformed over the years.
  • [31:12] The power of gratitude in Chris’ life.
  • [33:59] How Chris was introduced to the Network Marketing environment and how it’s made a huge difference.
  • [38:44] The first thought every single day.
  • [40:15] How Network Marketing is one of the only professions where people help each other succeed.
  • [43:37] The primary lessons Chris shares with listeners.




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