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Money Management: Sustaining and Securing Your Wealth- with Neal Inscoe [Podcast 110]

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 02/03/2016

Neal Inscoe, President and CEO of Equity Solutions for Life, wants to know if you are adequately prepared for your own success.  Neal emphasizes educating business owners to prepare for initial and continued growth of wealth. He knows business finances can be complicated, but simplifies options and sets structure so you can control where your money goes. This episode delves into why so many people are broke and how to make sure you’re not one of them. Listen in as Neal Inscoe walks you through what it takes to change your perception of opportunity, how you feel about money and your actions surrounding real or intended wealth. The experience and expertise offered in this episode of Network Marketing will help you grow your business and and ensure you are prepared for that growth.


Clearing up the ambiguity of wealth and financial freedom

As a Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP), Neal Inscoe has learned to ask business owners and entrepreneurs what wealth means to them.  More often than not, wealth translates to freedom. How you feel about wealth determines which direction you will go in terms of safeguarding your legacy and assets. Neal has seen many an entrepreneur become excited over the taste of success and ambitiously investment in arenas they know nothing about. This episode offers practical steps for Network Marketers to protect wealth, before investing it. Similar to looking at a “You are here” map, Neal advises to start where you are, know what you are doing, and understand the implications of how your business is structured. He uncovers hazards and outlines strategic plans for financial freedom. You’re going to want to know the percentage of business owners that are behind in taxes, in debt, and have no real plan for securing their money. There is a better way for you.


How to take responsibility for your wealth

There are some common denominators in making real money and organizing yourself so you can maintain it. The responsibilities of great wealth are better off learned before you find yourself without a plan or structure. Neal has worked with many business owners who did not think about where their money was going once they start making it.  He knows what processes to put in place and believes in educating you to manage your own money. Neal can help you discover the pre-programmed tendencies you have toward money. He talks about getting real with your feelings about money and how personal growth, the central block of Network Marketing, ultimately dictates the growth of your business. This episode takes a look at the future and why Network Marketing is a good business to have in today’s world.  Get ready to learn how to put more money away, reduce your debt and create real, lasting wealth.   


Sustaining long term wealth with your Network Marketing business

Neal Inscoe sees the preservation of wealth as the primary focus before any talk of investing. He quotes Warren Buffett, “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

Have you fallen prey to the scurry of dipping into any means of investing, even if it is beyond your area of expertise? Neal suggests keeping the main things, the main things, by finding out what you’re good at, growing those things, and then hiring someone who can add diversification to your business, your investments, and your assets. Neal loves working with Network Marketers, but why? Do you still have your passion for business ownership and the strong belief in your product?  How can you sustain your story as well as the wealth that you create? There is exciting energy on this episode that will help you reach out for help and be more receptive to the great coaching available.


Don’t go it alone: How a coach can help build and preserve your wealth

There has been a big shift in the world, leaving behind the old philosophies of getting a good job, having a pension, etc.  If we are going to embrace the age of the entrepreneur, Neal says we cannot afford to go it alone.  Neal, a business owner specialist, has helped people similar to you stabilize their business, create cash flow efficiencies, strategize to optimize tax reduction, and create structures for secure investments.  He works with you to increase wealth, sustain it, and pursue the life you dream of.  Whether you are new to Network Marketing or a top earner, you will benefit from his insight and seasoned approach to preserving your wealth.  This episode introduces strategic organizing you need to get it right.  Neal’s advice is worth listening to-it will kick-start your wealth education and financial planning.


  • [0:30] David’s welcome, introduction of Neal Inscoe, and story swapping.
  • [4:30] What is Equity Solutions for Life and Neal’s role in coaching business owners.
  • [5:13] The ambiguity of wealth: defining, and creating goals for growth and security.
  • [6:21] Neal’s approach to identifying opportunity and why so many people cannot hang onto their wealth.
  • [8:10] The defining characteristics of a true financial advisor.
  • [9:33] The journey of responsibility for and control of your wealth.
  • [11:00] The shift from conventional business to the age of the entrepreneur.
  • [14:52] Network Marketing hurdles and the role of investing.
  • [17:06] Guidance for Network Marketers: know where you are and implement a plan to get where you want to be.
  • [20:00] Neal’s personal journey from stock broker to business owner coach.
  • [21:17] Themes and habits of successful business owners.
  • [24:31] Identifying and preventing bad habits that lead to the loss of wealth.
  • [27:04] Explaination of wealth preservation as a greater concern than investing.
  • [31:07] Are you the type of business owner that Neal can help?
  • [33:30] Coaching fees and breakdown of coordinating of your finances.
  • [35:50] The philosophy of guiding your finances through preservation.
  • [37:10] The number one key to being a successful Network Marketer.
  • [39:12] Is your wealth secure? Neal’s predictions for future economic trends.
  • [43:20] Why Neal loves Network Marketing.
  • [45:12] Neal Inscoe’s contact information.



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