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Adam & Michelle Carey - Etiquette: The Key to Accelerating Success [Podcast 111]

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 02/10/2016

Adam and Michelle Carey have made plenty of mistakes as Network Marketers. They dove into this profession unprepared as young twenty-somethings, but learned to harness their passion and approach their business with etiquette and integrity. Adam and Michelle found they were not alone in learning the ropes the hard way. They decided the gap in etiquette training needed to be addressed if the industry hoped to gain momentum and be respected as a profession. There is a shift happening today, away from old approaches to business and towards Network Marketing. The Carey’s mission is to add some manners to that momentum. They aim to accelerate success, alleviate rejection, and elevate Network Marketing as a profession. They speak as seasoned ambassadors, with the desire to see unity among Network Marketers. Adam and Michelle believe the industry will boom if professionals come together, not to recruit one other, but to support each other. Listen in to this etiquette training episode to stay classy as a Network Marketer.


Personal growth is as important to Network Marketing as food and water are to your survival.

From the inception of Network Marketing as a profession, it has offered a different path than that of traditional business. People have developed freedom for themselves and exploded their personal growth. Network Marketers are able to grow into themselves and then grow their income. Adam Carey advises that neglecting personal growth inhibits any chance you have to make it in this industry. Michelle Carey adds that the entire profession is built to help people grow. The couple gets most fired up about seeing that growth and character development in their team members. They believe in this industry so fiercely because it has made them better individuals, spouses, business owners, and now parents. Their desire for themselves as well as their team, is for no one to stop growing. They help people, help people. Give a listen to the Carey’s daily method of operating and the areas of growth they emphasize.


Comparison is a cancer in the Network Marketing industry.

The biggest hindrance to your own success might just be you. Adam points out that the spirit of comparison trapped him early on in his career. The industry exposed him to leaders and people who successfully reached the highest ranks with seemingly no hindrances.  When he came across his own struggles and obstacles, it was tempting to think he did not measure up.  This can hinder anybody’s growth and distort perspective. But comparison did not serve Adam and it will not serve you. Embrace the inspiration available, but stay on your own journey. Your trials produce perseverance and authenticity. As a team leader, Adam is now able to relate to doubts and fears of his team members. The mission behind the Adam and Michelle’s movement is learning from mistakes they made. They are still on their journey, and it is one that elevates the profession as a whole, not their status. Adam says comparison can lead to cannibalising each other, which destroys the industry from the inside out. Learn how to hold yourself and your team to a high standard on this episode of Network Marketing.


Addressing etiquette to eliminate stigmas.

Are you a defensive tackler?  Or a motor mouth?  Negative Nancy?  Poor-me Paul? Do you “bait and slam” people you are attempting to recruit? Adam and Michelle have labeled these common blunders to help you identify your areas of weakness.  Michelle, who used to be a “defensive tackler,” shares stories of mistakes she made early on in her attempts to defend her belief in the Network Marketing industry. People would say, “Is this just a pyramid scheme” and she would unleash fury on them.  Her defensive reaction closed people off and perpetuated misunderstandings of what Network Marketing really is.  A wrong approach can have repercussions that leave people feeling lied to or full of negativity towards the industry. Failing to communicate realistic expectations can be just as damaging.  Adam and Michelle took their journey seriously. They made this profession their Plan A and Plan B.  Listen to their commitment to perpetuate the truth, benefits, and freedom of this profession.


The birth of a book from actual mistakes made.

Adam and Michelle began compiling their mistakes for a newsletter or ebook, but the list kept growing beyond that capacity. They are now awaiting the publication of their book, “Don’t Be “That Guy” In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes.”  They have personal stories of bad approaches in recruiting, mixed up mindsets, and a wide array of reactions to their new profession from friends and family. Network Marketers can relate to these 21 blunders, see their own mistakes, and be encouraged to work with etiquette.  Some people have stigmas associated with Network Marketing, and the profession still struggles to be taken seriously.  It is the job of the insiders to change the trajectory of it’s reputation.  Adam and Michelle are attempting to shift the culture and change how Network Marketers approach people. They believe the industry can seize the opportunity to attract people and repair damages that bad interactions have caused. The fun energy on this episode will leave you inspired to participate in fueling a new culture of Network Marketing.


  • [0:35] David’s introduction of Adam and Michelle Carey.
  • [1:23] The industry shift occurring in Network Marketing.
  • [2:40] The dominance of women in the industry.
  • [5:20] Network Marketing as a personal growth journey with a compensation package.
  • [7:00] Defining a DMO.
  • [8:13] Rewarding aspects of basing your income on helping others and building a team.
  • [10:52] Setting proper expectations to eliminate stigmas and bad etiquette in the industry.
  • [14:33] Questioning the profession and wall-kicking moments.
  • [17:13] The spirit of comparison that can become a cancer.
  • [21:50] The inspiration behind their book, “Don’t Be 'That Guy' In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes
  • [24:36] Fun and laughter as core pieces of this profession.
  • [27:24] Millennials viewing freedom as the new rebellion, making Network Marketing attractive.
  • [32:10] Common mistakes of Network Marketing and learning proper etiquette.
  • [36:11] Names and labels to identify common mistakes.
  • [37:35] Michelle’s favorite chapters and her own mistakes.
  • [40:03] The goals in mind for those who read, “Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ in Network Marketing.”
  • [42:40] What the future culture of the Network Marketing profession could look like.
  • [47:23] A charge to being professional encouragers.



BOOK: “Don’t Be 'That Guy' In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes” -due out March 8, 2016

Adam and Michelle’s website - www.adamandmichellecarey.com