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Creating a limitless impact

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 03/02/2016

Today’s guest, Jim Coover, is a mentor and inspiration to host David TS Wood. David has witnessed the integrity and true measure of Jim’s character by watching him when he thinks no one is paying attention. Along with wife, Kathy, Jim is a legend in the Network Marketing arena. Jim is president and CEO for Isagenix, a billion dollar company the couple came out of retirement to co-found. Jim is a wealthy and successful businessman who could be sprawled out in a hammock somewhere on a private island. Instead, Jim remains in the trenches, pursuing results in people’s lives and global change in health and wellness. His company offers the opportunity and vehicle for people to transform their lives. Today’s conversation focuses on the story behind the success, as well as turning points along the way. No matter your circumstances, make the choice today to change your life and pursue success. This episode of Amplified Network Marketing offers inspiration you won’t want to miss.


Possibility and responsibility

When Jim wakes up in the morning, his thoughts are often of possibility and responsibility. He sees life as an opportunity to write his own story. He lives each day with the intention to be the best he can be and to positively influence as many people as he can. There are a lot of people looking to him to look after the enterprise and he takes his responsibilities seriously. Of course, the load is shared, but Jim feels a deep sense of commitment to the whole company. Circumstances presented themselves and Jim came out of retirement to realize an opportunity to impact world health. He believed he had a vehicle to realize his vision and took the necessary risks. Along the way, there were struggles and naysayers. Jim was deeply committed to getting his company’s ideas into the marketplace and into people’s lives. Integrity and trust were big lessons Jim learned, which are now evident in his relationship with his wife and family. They each bring greatness and skills to the business and their relationship. This couple, despite their success and humble beginnings, never limited their impact. Listen in to unleash your own possibility of impact.

The early years

Growing up, Jim thought of himself as a “little guy.” He was a little brother and two years younger than most of his classmates. Since he was younger and smaller, competing athletically was a challenge. He was introduced to bodybuilding his senior year, which became a defining moment and realization that he was engaged in attainable transformation if he worked for it. Jim no longer thought he was destined to be small. He got excited, saw results, and recognized that he could be in control. During his time working out at the gym, Jim noticed what professions allowed people to work out whenever they wanted. He decided to learn to cut hair to support himself and keep up his fitness routine. Jim was paid on commission, so his earnings were tied to personal performance and relationships with people. He gained confidence and made connections as his paradigm shifted into building a business by offering a unique service. He took up men’s hair styling, incorporating the sale of products for men to upkeep their new looks. Hear the whole story of Jim’s successful launch into the fitness industry on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.  

Transformation and traps

Jim is familiar with a whole gamut of struggles in health and fitness. When he was small he struggled to gain weight, and then gained too much weight, too quickly. He remembers the way people looked at him differently and can identify with people who struggle with their weight. He knows the physical and the emotional suffering that often accompanies the struggles. Jim is now in the business of transforming people’s lives by transforming their health. He talks about being a product of your experiences and how people can still view themselves as fat even after a physical transformation. It takes awhile for people to uncondition themselves from what being overweight held them back from. The changes Jim made in his own life impacted all areas of his life. It gave him greater confidence and the ability to apply similar disciplines in other areas of his life. He has worked with a lot of people with weight issues and worked to undo the damage of eroded confidence and disbelief in self. Don’t miss the discussion of Jim’s transformation personally and in business on this episode!


Validation from the global impact

Jim loves Network Marketing. The validation for its existence comes from the global impact it is having. People might not understand what Network Marketing truly is, but Jim spells it out. His passion for health and fitness helped to build a vehicle for transformation physically and financially. He has seen the average person take control of their own life through his business.  He built an asset that keeps giving and a relationship business.  His success is directly proportionate to how many people he is helping. People are getting their lives back from health, and then adding an incremental income. What separates Jim and his company is their commitment to a culture of safety and support. Jim is filled with pride and joy that ooze out in this episode. Find out how to enjoy the freedom he describes and positively impact lives through the possibilities available to you.



  • [0:50] David’s introduction of today’s guest, Jim Coover.
  • [9:10] Welcoming Jim.
  • [11:17] A moment when Jim realized the possibility for his business.
  • [12:51] The early years and foundational pieces that set the course for Jim.
  • [14:28] Entering the health and fitness world.
  • [15:44] Jim’s body transformation and mindset trap.
  • [16:53] Unhealthy times and struggles of skinny-pudgy kid.
  • [19:23] Addressing silent humiliation of weight struggles.
  • [22:33] The emotional side of transformation.
  • [24:44] The story after graduation.
  • [28:26] Jim’s hair cutting business.
  • [30:47] Semi-retirement in his twenties.
  • [33:25] Mentors and personal journey.
  • [35:47] Gems and influences in Jim’s life.
  • [39:08] Jim’s dynamic journey and lessons learned along the way.
  • [41:43] Jim’s love affair with the NWM industry.
  • [48:50] Jim’s reaction to success stories in his company.
  • [52:32] The family philosophy and involvement in the business.
  • [55:42] What is a kickass life, to Jim?
  • [57:42] David’s closing remarks, overview, and wrap up.