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Shawn Owen: Building wealth - His story, his strategies.

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 03/11/2016

Living a life of design doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, commitment, and a willingness to learn new things. For Shawn Owen, the journey from struggling teacher to successful network marketer came from was paved with an openness to the possibilities. By saying yes to an opportunity, Shawn and his wife have been able to create a life of freedom for their family. In this chat with David, Shawn shares how they designed a life to generate financial security while also creating the gift of time to be spent as they desired. By applying the philosophies of wealth creation, they have been able to create passive income and residual income and a life by design.

From teacher to wealth-maker.

Before he discovered network marketing, Shawn was a teacher. He and his family lived a frugal life, without much room for savings or vacations. Shawn eventually made his way into corporate America, which allowed for more financial security, but left little time to truly enjoy life. Network marketing changed everything. Shawn explains that his willingness to try something new and go all in truly made it possible to succeed and create the life he wanted for his family. After finding his own brand of success in network marketing, Shawn knew he wanted to apply his love of teaching in order to help others find financial freedom.

The power of learning to be wealthy.

Shawn explains why it’s important to learn to be wealthy. He shares why this is essential to creating financial freedom and offers insight into how he applied this to his own life. For Shawn and his wife, it was about setting a clear goal from the beginning of what “success” looked like financially and - most importantly - sticking to that goal. He also discusses the role of a financial freedom account and paying yourself first. Applying these basic philosophies of wealth, Shawn says, played a key role in their success.

The value of personal development.

Shawn is a huge proponent of personal development. In fact, it’s such a huge part of his family’s routine, that it’s not unusual to walk in on his kids reading a John Maxwell book. He explains why personal development is so essential to success and the fact that we are only limited in our financial growth by the investments we make in ourselves. Shawn shares his belief that we are our most valuable asset and that’s why personal development is at the core of his business.

Why you need to track your wealth.

For Shawn, wealth isn’t about opulence. Rather, it’s about being clear on the life you want and making sure you create those opportunities. For his family, it’s about time together and the ability to travel. Shawn explains why a huge house and expensive trinkets aren’t what drives him, and how - even with such an increase in income - they’ve maintained the same lifestyle through it all. He leaves us with a final thought: anyone can do it. Shawn shares his belief that adopting a couple of the financial principles he shared can truly transform your financial picture. It’s not about opulence for Shawn and his wife; it’s about designing a life filled with the things that matter.


  • [1:42] David’s introduction of his guest, Shawn
  • [2:07] Understanding Shawn’s life in comparison to others.
  • [3:45] The journey to replacing income through network marketing.
  • [7:25] When did you understand the power of network marketing and the residual income?
  • [9:58] Learning to be wealthy.
  • [10:45] What did it take to realize that this was a viable vehicle for real income?
  • [15:28] Figuring out how much money your family can live on in order to set financial goals.
  • [17:47] Understanding your financial picture once you hit the goal number you’ve set.
  • [21:46] At what point were you able to start investing?
  • [23:56] How to address the debts you owe when growing your income.
  • [26:28] Bad debt versus good debt.
  • [30:14] The Babylon principle of paying yourself first.
  • [33:19] Dealing with the seduction phase of growing wealth.
  • [37:10] Maintaining discipline as your income grows exponentially.
  • [41:49] The value of living below your means.
  • [48:10] The philosophies of wealth creation never change.
  • [53:02] Shawn’s opinion of “emergency funds”.
  • [1:03:47] Shawn’s view of insurance and his advice.
  • [1:18:06] Allowing your money to work for you.
  • [1:20:18] Shawn’s philosophy on the greatest investment you can make: yourself.
  • [1:24:31] The importance of tracking wealth.
  • [1:25:48] Shawn’s view of a retirement plan.
  • [1:27:21] Shawn’s final thoughts.


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