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Ep 5: Ladies Night!

A Piece of Cake: the podcast

Release Date: 06/11/2019

Join KatieCakes and the girls for a ladies night full of drinks, snacks, cake, and laughs!

Tonight's vibe was all about going for your goals, and what it takes to get there!

Listen as the women tell us who their "Sasha Fierce" alter ego is, what they do when they feel like they want to give up, and what their "secret ingredients" to life's happiness and success are. You're sure to pick up some gems in this one!

A big thank you to Jyotisha (@jyotisha_), Amina Marie (@aminamarie), Helena (@thereal_helena), Danni (@danniwashington), and the one (unsuspecting!) male at ladies night, Mr Kasey Phillips (@kc_kasey) xo Cheers!