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056 - Poop Enema - FU Rant on SCOTUS / HOBBY LOBBY

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 07/01/2014

SCROTUM err SCOTUS has pissed me the fuck off!  Thankfully I'm not alone on this one like the time Krispy Kreme closed down for a week because of a little water damage and I couldn't get anyone to picket the assholes with me.


I'm mad!  Really, really mad.  The Supreme Court's 5 Catholic, Ultra Conservative, Religitarded, FuckNuts decided to fuck us all.  They've opened the door (floodgates) so that anyone's civil rights can be ignored if another's religious beliefs contradict.  No birth control for you ladies, because Hobby Lobby CEO, David Green loves Jesus too much.  Of course his male employees can use their company insurance for penile implants, vasectomies or for the little blue pills.

Enough said, listen to the rant above and you can be just as pissed off as I am.


Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Rant


Author and yes, Writer, J.D. Brucker joined us live to discuss his book, Presuppositionalists and his anticipated work with the Global Secular Council.  Visit his blog, podcast and website here.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

It's the most we've heard from CCTP.  Rupert, Cecil and twice the amount of Pastor Roy.  Pastor Roy tells of the Taliban trying to rent a lot in CCTP and then later he returns for an update on the Hobby Lobby decision.  

The Road To Reason

Listener and fellow lion tamer, Deron shared a link to his blog.  I've short coded it here: http://aoa.fm/123reason - specifically to the article I think you'll enjoy.

New Patrons!

Thanks to Rev. Jesus H. Christ, George Green and Michael Thruston for supporting the show.  They are the latest additions to our now 39 money giving, loving, beautiful and brilliant Patrons.  Don't be left out, you can become a Patron too: www.patreon.com/atheists

ReAsonCon II - Cancelled!

For good reason, or at least what I believe to be good reason.  Monday morning when the SCOTUS ruling was published, I was pissed.  I decided to cancel ReAsonCon II and use what money I planned on spending to help grow the Freedom From Religion Foundation's member base.

Honestly, they are our best hope to rid the government of intruding religious dogmas.  Religion is the cause, it is the source for the most insane laws and decisions in America.  Religious dogma is the force behind inequality, misogyny and bigotry.

Please join me in supporting the FFRF and their fine legal team.  Last week we had Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of FFRF on the show and we gave away 9 new memberships.  This week, with the decision to cancel ReAsonCon, I offered 20 more free memberships to those who can't afford one right now.

To be included, email atheists@atheistsonair.com your name and address and if you are one of the first 20 and at the time of this posting I have about 11 available spots, you'll be included.  Expect more free memberships to come in the future.

If you are a student, it's only $20 and for a family only $50.  Individuals can join for only $40 annually.  So please, please join the FFRF with me and let's repair these holes in our Wall of Separation between Church and State.