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063 Atheist Problems - Matt Slick TAG

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 09/02/2014

In hopes to encourage and support those who are finding out how stressful and often difficult it is to be an out of the closet Atheist, we shared a bit from our personal lives and invited others to as well.  As always the phone lines were open and we received a phone call from a gentleman who decided that our definition of evolution was wrong because the origin of the word doesn't have anything to do with biological evolution.  Of course Professor Stephen schooled him and called out his game of semantics.

Could It Be Matt Slick?

Yes, the Matt Slick, founder and CEO of CARM.org.  At some point in the show we received a phone call from "Nathan" a resident of Central Florida.  His command of the English language and his arguments set many of our listeners spidey senses to tingling.  To some his voice was familiar but to others it was his tactics.

His area code didn't indicate Florida but instead Idaho, specifically Boise; home city for the CARM organization and home to Mr. Matt Slick.  I felt I'd come to a gun fight with a dull knife.  I am not well versed in Apologetics nor Counter Apologetics and felt overwhelmed a bit.  Thankfully Professor Stephen is much more versed in the subject and held his ground.

A simplified version of this Transcendental Argument (TAG) is that because logic exists, therefore God.  When I've encountered Christian's using these tired arguments I often step back and ask,

"Let's assume you are 100% correct, that without God we wouldn't have logic, or any of the myriad of other arguments trotted out by creationists, let's say you can prove this with certainty.  At the end of the day, you have everything left to prove, everything left ahead of you.  Which God?  Your God or can I pick from any number of the Gods that are worshipped today?"

This is where we find Presuppositionalists apologetics.  It's the art of presupposing God exists from the beginning.  But first they must define God and then they must prove God.  Yet none of the Christian Apologists can do this.  They rely heavily on confusing and overwhelming their opponents with big words and previously argued and debunked Apologetic arguments and fallacies.

To me this can all be cured, it can be simplified easily.  If your God is real then prove it.  Provide the evidence.  Where else in life do we see apologetics?  I know of nowhere else.  Why does religion require this?  Well because they stand on shaky ground, they have zero evidence for their beliefs, they will not argue from faith as this would count them with the sheepish non-thinkers and because it's all they have.  At first glance these arguments seem to be intellectually honest, they use big words, they often employ many logical bits, but when added up, there's nothing.

If it was Mr. Slick who joined us, thank you.  If anything at all you served to boost my ego.  I've listened to you and Matt Dillahunty and your debate with Dan Barker (Co-President of FFRF.org) and I'm no match for your level of apologetics, but if you would ever like to discuss the evidence for your God without employing the mind numbing apologetics, feel free to call in or contact us anytime.


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Professor Stephen graciously shortened his Woo Woo Science Segment due to the callers this week, all of which I'm thankful for.

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