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The difference between a "spiritual" awakening and an original awakening

Attune to Your True Nature

Release Date: 03/25/2020

We are in the midst of a collective trigger event right now and every time in history when this has occurred, humanity has gone through a massive shift in our collective human awareness.

Every time there is a global crisis there is equally an opportunity for a mass collective awakening.

But what does that mean?

  • What is a “spiritual” awakening?
  • Is our consciousness or human awareness expanding?
  • What exists beyond what we know?
  • What is being revealed at this time?

My own awakening journey has been very unique and I have not adhered to any “spiritual” paths, in fact, much of my journey has been about unraveling from the cultural and mainstream “spiritual” narratives, doctrines and teachings and awaking to the true human awareness that emerged through me from unlearning many of these things.

I decided to upload this recent audio recording from one of our ORIGEN workshops on what is a “spiritual awakening” as I feel this will support many right now who are in the midst of a massive internal awakening during this monumental time in human history.

Join me as I explore what it means to truly awaken in the modern world and shares why she believes a "spiritual awakening" is NOT the destination but only part of the journey.

If you believe you are on a journey of personal growth/ development or you feel you are awakening to your "spiritual" gifts but somehow not fully resonating with much of the spiritual teachings, there may be a reason why. 

Download this audio now and join Niamh Cronin as she explores:

  • What really is a "spiritual" awakening and what does it look like?
  • What is the difference between a natural and a synthetic awakening?
  • What is a trigger event?
  • What are the different stages of the awakening  (if any) and what to expect?
  • How awakening is non-linear and there are no exact “spiritual paths”
  • How everyone has a very unique and specific sequence in which they will awaken consciously to their own truth.
  • Navigating false light and meeting the real shadow
  • Navigating periods of confusion, isolation, and disassociation
  • Questioning your path, your purpose and how to navigate identity crisis.
  • Healing personal and original Trauma
  • Navigating "spiritual" distortion
  • How your true awakening begins once you evolve beyond the outdated cultural and spiritual narratives.

and so much more..

Please share this with those you feel need to hear this right now.

With Love,



Ps. You can access more audios/workshops of this nature in my online platform www.origenhome.app where I share tools, resources and workshops to support you in awakening to your true human awareness in a grounded and tangible way.